Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Class Pet

Barrett's class this year has a class pet, Rocky the raccoon. Thankfully, he's just a stuffed animal. The kids take turns bringing him home for the weekend, and the parents get the "honor" of journaling his weekend. So, to not waste my efforts, here are the pages we added to Rocky's journal.

(click on the pages to see them in a bigger format.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

I have no good excuse for my lack of posts, but I'll give you my Top Ten Excuses of why I haven't posted in forever.

10. Fisher has discovered writing utensils, and he loves to write. Specifically, he likes writing on himself, the walls, carpet, furniture, and Barrett. Because of his new hobby, I cannot turn my back on him at all. If he's awake, I can't be typing. (By the way, I am amazed at the number of sharpies in my house, and all the locations I apparently chose to store them.)

9. New tv shows have started. When I have spare time, I am watching all the shows I have taped on the DVR. I am a total tv junkie. It takes a long time to watch all my shows even when I skip most of the actual show to get to the "scenes from our next episode".

8. I have been busy at work. I "work" almost every day the kids are in school. If I didn't end up going out to lunch with work people all the time, my job wouldn't take long at all.

7. I haven't uploaded pictures lately, and I like posts with pictures.

6. I helped with a retreat with the high school and junior high kids two weekends ago. I was worn out. I am not young anymore. The only thing that made me feel young was when I scraped a dead skunk off the road for extra points in a scavenger hunt. It only made me feel young because it was stupid. Stupid = Young.

5. Doug has been working WAY too much. I think it is to prepare for his upcoming hunting trip to Colorado for 12 days. I will complain about that in future posts.

4. Fisher and Barrett have decided it is fun to take all the toys out at one time. Having them clean up their own mess takes forever. I think cleaning for them will be better for me. It'll get done fast and right. It will suck for their wives one day, but it's really all about my sanity at this point.

3. The boys are obsessed with the computer. They both play with it all the time. Basically, I can't leave it on or they will destroy it. Without the computer on, blogging is hard.

2. Barrett doesn't nap at school anymore. He is HELL when we get home. All I want to do once he goes to bed is curl up in the fetal position and cry.

And the #1 reason I haven't written...

1. Barrett is on day 17 of antibiotics for an ear infection. When he has an ear infection, he doesn't sleep. He has had ear infections since July 7th pretty much non-stop. I haven't slept in weeks. I am exhausted. The doctor wants to wait to go the ENT. We go to his doctor tomorrow. She will be referring us. If she doesn't refer us, we'll be going anyway. He has an appointment on Monday with an ENT everyone recommends. I sure hope his pediatrician recommends him too. :) If I get more sleep, I might be in the mood to share their funny stories. Right now, nothing is amusing.

Both boys are asleep for a moment, so I need to sleep while I can!