Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Barrett is definitely Doug's son. I don't need DNA tests or any other scientific method to prove it. Barrett looks like Doug's side of the family, but that's not why I am sure that he is his father's son.

Doug loves to pick on me to the point where I become insanely frustrated. Barrett apparently has the same love.

For three days, Barrett has entertained himself at my expense.

His new "game" is Trap Mommy in the Shower.

Ever since Barrett has been mobile, one of his bathroom hobbies is to sit at the shower door and lick the glass while I take my shower. I assume he's trying to lick the water that is on the inside. (He also gets his intelligence from Daddy!) Usually, he's moved on to other things by the time I finish like eating dental floss.

BUT, for the past three days, things have become more comical.

When I turn off the water and begin cleaning the glass shower, Barrett army crawls full speed to the shower door. He then sits right where the door will open. This might not seem like a big deal, but it leaves me trapped in the shower.

If I open the door, it will knock Barrett down backwards onto the tile. You might be thinking that he just wants to be with his mommy, but I know that's not it. I know it's not because if I crack the door a little trying to ease him out of my way, he slams it shut, looks at me, and laughs.

The first day, I tried to tell him to move, but he just didn't understand. I literally was stuck for 15 minutes when he finally was scooted back enough for me to squeeze out.

The second day, I thought about jumping over the top, but I knew the crawl to the phone to call 911, when I inevitably got hurt, would be too painful. So, I started taking handfuls of water and splashing the tile away from the shower. The puddle lured Barrett away from the door, and I was able to get out. This method wasn't good because I had a mess to clean up and Barrett was all wet.

Today, I got smart. I took a few of Barrett's blocks in with me. When I finished showering, Barrett again came to the door, sat against it, and laughed. I began throwing blocks out. At first Barrett looked at me, then the blocks, then me again. I knew he was debating which was more fun. Luckily for me, he chose the blocks.

I guess I'll be showering with blocks for a while.

When I told Doug about what Barrett has been up to, he laughed. I think he was disappointed he never thought of trapping me in there.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Where Did He Go?

That seems to be the question I keep asking myself lately.

Barrett is getting into everything! I guess it's not just getting into, it's getting onto, into, and under everything.

I have learned that if he has wandered away from me, there are a few key places to check first: the fireplace because he loves the little metal curtain thing, under the coffee table, behind the couch playing with the blinds, in the dining room climbing on the buffet, or in the study grabbing everything I haven't put at least three feet in the air.

Yesterday, he was in a great mood all day which means he was also adventurous. Doug said that he climbed into the shelf in the study and got himself stuck with his toys. (Dad didn't get pictures!)

Later in the day, he climbed into his diaper box and was happy as could be. I liked it because he was contained. In fact, I liked it so much, that I am going to leave it out in his room. It's a much better toy than the magically appearing tiny pieces of paper Barrett seems to keep finding.

Oops, I just heard the fireplace curtain rattle, I have to run...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Home Remedy

Ok, everyone I talk to seems to have a solution for the teething issue. I would try most of them, but telling me to get my kid drunk or give him "a little" vicadin, just doesn't seem right.

I decided to create my own home remedy, animal cookies.

Barrett was really unpleasant, so I put him in his high chair with the intention of soothing the pain by feeding him ice cold applesauce. He didn't think that was a good plan. So, while I cleaned the applesauce off the floor, I stuck a cookie on his tray.

Suddenly, I realized that the crying and screaming stopped.

He was having so much fun eating a whole cookie. (I usually break it in pieces for him.)

So, while I don't have a true remedy for his pain, I do for mine! Distract him with cookies!

*** I have realized something today. In a few years when Barrett is whining and complaining about his loose tooth, I will take deep satisfaction in ripping it out. Something about knowing I can get even with this tooth someday is very comforting...

Unhappy Baby

Teething sucks. I can't figure out a way to sooth Barrett when his gums hurt.

His top teeth are on the verge of cutting through, and nothing makes him feel better. I've tried teething toys, frozen washcloths, orajel, and every other thing people have suggested. I wish there was a way to cut open his gums to get the teeth out. I realize it would hurt like crazy at first, but it would be over, right?

I'm tired, I have a headache from his whining, and all I want to do is curl up and cry with him.

Ok, my five minute break is over. I have to go get him out of the crib and try again. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

It is my first Mother's Day, and Doug definitely set a high standard for Mother's Day gifts...

(It was dark when I remembered to take pictures, so it's not the best photo!)

This is my new Honda Pilot! It is wonderful! It is a light blue metallic color with gray leather interior. It even has a six disk changer built in and a sun roof! I am so excited, and I don't have time type more because I am about to head out and drive some more.

Barrett seems to like it too!

Yea Me!

Happy Mother's Day to all the other mommies out there!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Don't Mess With Texas

Sometimes, I love my son more than I thought I could.

Sometimes, Barrett makes me so proud.

Last night, was one of those moments.

We were at the wedding of one of Doug's childhood friends. It was outside at an adorable chapel at a bed and breakfast in Glen Rose, Texas. We were all sitting in seats looking into the chapel through large open windows when Barrett started to squirm and squeak. I decided to take him for a walk instead of trying to keep him still and quiet.

We walked off a little way from the chapel, but we stayed close enough for me to still see and hear the ceremony. Another man was standing nearby smoking a cigarette.

Side note: I always wonder who still smokes knowing all that we know. I now know that everyone at this particular wedding apparently keeps tobacco companies in business. It was weird to see so many smokers. I guess you can tell I haven't been to a bar in a LONG time. :)

Ok, back to the point of the story.

Barrett has obviously never seen someone smoking. He was staring at the man and watching the smoke rise from his mouth. Even though I think it is a gross habit, I was happy that Barrett was quiet and amused.

When the man finished, he threw his cigarette on the ground.

Barrett leaned over, looked at the cigarette butt, looked at the man, and very loudly said, "Uh-oh!"

I was trying really hard not to laugh, and the man looked at me like I had a rude kid. So, being the quick witted mommy that I am, I looked right at him, hugged Barrett, and said, "Sorry, he doesn't like littering." Then we walked away.

Ok, I know my comment was probably uncalled for, but it was also hilarious!

Friday, May 05, 2006

His First Word!

Barrett has officially spoken his first word!

He's said lots of mama's, dada's, and no no's, but he never said them in context. Usually he was either mumbling or repeating our constant coaching.

So, with all of our coaching, I know you're wondering who won this momentous achievement...

Nobody won.

My son's first word used as it is intended...


Yes, you read that correctly. Barrett has mastered saying uh-oh. He's been saying it for a few days repeating us, but tonight at dinnner as he threw multiple things from the highchair, he would look at whatever object went flying to the floor and say, "Uh-oh".

I wish I could type how he says it. He says the "uh" part and then he takes a long pause and then says, "oh". The "oh" sounds like a sweet little sigh. I think the pause is him trying to reshape his mouth for the "oh" sound. You can actually see him manuevering his mouth for the next sound. It is so cute.

Doug and I were laughing so hard, and we kept giving him things to drop. I realize I am teaching a bad habit, but I can worry about that tomorrow.

My only concern now is where we go from here. What should I expect from a boy whose first word is uh-oh??

***For those of you now saying that "uh-oh" is not a real word, here is the Webster's on-line dictionary definition:

Main Entry: uh-oh
Pronunciation: '&-"O, usually with strong glottal stops before the vowels
Function: interjection-- used to indicate dismay or concern

Granted, bling-bling is in there too, and I refuse to consider that a real word.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Too Much Information

Every day when I take my shower, Barrett plays with the assortment of toys that we keep in the bathroom for him. By the time I am showered, there are plastic toys all over the place. As he has gotten more mobile, my shower preparation time has seriously increased.

I have to close all the doors to the closets, our room, and the toilet, put the trash can and scale on the counter, wipe down the tile floor with a clorox wipe, and check the rugs for anything Barrett could eat. ( I wouldn't have to clean the floor everyday, but since I lost NO hair while I was pregnant, you could make a wig out of my sheddage now.)

Things have been going smoothly, and up until last night, I thought I was a pretty good mom at keeping him safe while I showered.

As we were getting ready for his bath last night, I was taking off his diaper in his bathroom. It took only a split second to realize that I needed some wipes, so I yelled for daddy to bring some to us. As I was wiping his hiney, there was something weird about his poop. I had to look a little closer before I could tell what was in it.

There in the middle of his sweet potato-applesauce poop was a long string of dental floss. Oops. Apparently, I don't clean the floor well enough.

I could feel guilty and wonder what else is in this kid, but it was too funny. Doug was convinced that the floss somehow got in his diaper, but it was way too entwined in the poop for that. Besides, even though I am a little obsessive about my flossing, I don't floss while I change diapers.

So, I could clean my bathroom even more and check every spot for potential white floss that misses the trash and camouflages on my white tile floors or I could be lazier...

I have added green dental floss to the grocery list.

But, I do have to say I am a little proud of my boy! After all, he's already flossing with only two teeth!

Barrett Loves Papa

When I went shopping for my dad's birthday present, I found a shirt for him I really liked. I was a little concerned that I had already bought it for him because it looked familiar, but I liked it too much not to get it for him.

When I got home and was unloading laundry, I realized why it looked familiar...

They look so cute in their matching shirts!

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Face Only a Mom Could Love

My dad and Mary are in town, and they have Mary's two dogs with them.

Barrett loves Digger and Brandy, and they seem to like him even though Digger snaps when Barrett pulls his face, tail, ears, etc.

They have had lots of fun, but Barrett seems to like one thing they do so much that he is copying them.

Barrett loves watching the dogs play. When they play, they make the typical dog noises, but the sniffing/snorting noise is what Barrett likes. Barrett thinks it is really funny. He started doing this sniffing thing of his own. It is so funny. My dad was actually in tears he was laughing so hard. I took a bunch of pictures trying to capture the look he makes, and this is the best I could get. Try to imagine the snorting noise along with the face.