Sunday, May 07, 2006

Don't Mess With Texas

Sometimes, I love my son more than I thought I could.

Sometimes, Barrett makes me so proud.

Last night, was one of those moments.

We were at the wedding of one of Doug's childhood friends. It was outside at an adorable chapel at a bed and breakfast in Glen Rose, Texas. We were all sitting in seats looking into the chapel through large open windows when Barrett started to squirm and squeak. I decided to take him for a walk instead of trying to keep him still and quiet.

We walked off a little way from the chapel, but we stayed close enough for me to still see and hear the ceremony. Another man was standing nearby smoking a cigarette.

Side note: I always wonder who still smokes knowing all that we know. I now know that everyone at this particular wedding apparently keeps tobacco companies in business. It was weird to see so many smokers. I guess you can tell I haven't been to a bar in a LONG time. :)

Ok, back to the point of the story.

Barrett has obviously never seen someone smoking. He was staring at the man and watching the smoke rise from his mouth. Even though I think it is a gross habit, I was happy that Barrett was quiet and amused.

When the man finished, he threw his cigarette on the ground.

Barrett leaned over, looked at the cigarette butt, looked at the man, and very loudly said, "Uh-oh!"

I was trying really hard not to laugh, and the man looked at me like I had a rude kid. So, being the quick witted mommy that I am, I looked right at him, hugged Barrett, and said, "Sorry, he doesn't like littering." Then we walked away.

Ok, I know my comment was probably uncalled for, but it was also hilarious!

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WyldJoker said...

LOL! that's so funny... and what you said was prolly justified from the discription of the look he gave you.. I know i would of said something worse then you had.