Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Barrett is definitely Doug's son. I don't need DNA tests or any other scientific method to prove it. Barrett looks like Doug's side of the family, but that's not why I am sure that he is his father's son.

Doug loves to pick on me to the point where I become insanely frustrated. Barrett apparently has the same love.

For three days, Barrett has entertained himself at my expense.

His new "game" is Trap Mommy in the Shower.

Ever since Barrett has been mobile, one of his bathroom hobbies is to sit at the shower door and lick the glass while I take my shower. I assume he's trying to lick the water that is on the inside. (He also gets his intelligence from Daddy!) Usually, he's moved on to other things by the time I finish like eating dental floss.

BUT, for the past three days, things have become more comical.

When I turn off the water and begin cleaning the glass shower, Barrett army crawls full speed to the shower door. He then sits right where the door will open. This might not seem like a big deal, but it leaves me trapped in the shower.

If I open the door, it will knock Barrett down backwards onto the tile. You might be thinking that he just wants to be with his mommy, but I know that's not it. I know it's not because if I crack the door a little trying to ease him out of my way, he slams it shut, looks at me, and laughs.

The first day, I tried to tell him to move, but he just didn't understand. I literally was stuck for 15 minutes when he finally was scooted back enough for me to squeeze out.

The second day, I thought about jumping over the top, but I knew the crawl to the phone to call 911, when I inevitably got hurt, would be too painful. So, I started taking handfuls of water and splashing the tile away from the shower. The puddle lured Barrett away from the door, and I was able to get out. This method wasn't good because I had a mess to clean up and Barrett was all wet.

Today, I got smart. I took a few of Barrett's blocks in with me. When I finished showering, Barrett again came to the door, sat against it, and laughed. I began throwing blocks out. At first Barrett looked at me, then the blocks, then me again. I knew he was debating which was more fun. Luckily for me, he chose the blocks.

I guess I'll be showering with blocks for a while.

When I told Doug about what Barrett has been up to, he laughed. I think he was disappointed he never thought of trapping me in there.

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Heather said...

I sure am glad that Doug never reads these. I can only imagine the smile that came out of that face as he decided on blocks or to block. :)