Monday, May 22, 2006

Where Did He Go?

That seems to be the question I keep asking myself lately.

Barrett is getting into everything! I guess it's not just getting into, it's getting onto, into, and under everything.

I have learned that if he has wandered away from me, there are a few key places to check first: the fireplace because he loves the little metal curtain thing, under the coffee table, behind the couch playing with the blinds, in the dining room climbing on the buffet, or in the study grabbing everything I haven't put at least three feet in the air.

Yesterday, he was in a great mood all day which means he was also adventurous. Doug said that he climbed into the shelf in the study and got himself stuck with his toys. (Dad didn't get pictures!)

Later in the day, he climbed into his diaper box and was happy as could be. I liked it because he was contained. In fact, I liked it so much, that I am going to leave it out in his room. It's a much better toy than the magically appearing tiny pieces of paper Barrett seems to keep finding.

Oops, I just heard the fireplace curtain rattle, I have to run...

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