Friday, December 30, 2005

A Big Event

Before I get to the story let me start by saying, Barrett sleeps on him stomach. Yes, I know pediatricians recommend sleeping on their backs, but that was the problem, he didn't sleep on his back, he startled himself constantly and was up all night. So after a couple nights, Doug started putting him on his stomach, and he really slept. I would wake up constantly making sure he was still alive because all the books say he'll die on his tummy, but I really wanted him to sleep! After talking to other moms, I only know two people who actually have their baby sleep on their backs. Apparently, no one wants to admit it but almost everyone gives in and flips their kid over. With all that being said, here's the story...

Last night Barrett apparently had a tummy ache. He was very vocal about not wanting to go to bed. He normally goes to bed between 8 and 8:30, so at 9:30, I put him to bed wide awake. After about ten minutes of crying, I went in to check on him. He was really mad! So, I took him out and rocked him to calm him down, and then I put him back in bed.

Ten minutes later, he was really mad. My mom is in town so she went in to check him. When she came back out she asked, "When did he start sleeping on him back?"

After a few seconds of staring at each other, my mom and I realized he flipped himself over. So we did what any loving mom and grandma would do, we ran in and flipped him back over to see if he'd do it again.

We stood over his crib with him screaming and snorting on his tummy. We'd get excited as he'd hunch his butt in the air and almost roll as he would scream. I wanted to video tape him, but then I realized what I would have on tape. Something about taping an irate baby trying desperately to get his mommy to help him as she sits there and records didn't seem right. So, I picked him up and rocked him back to sleep.

I stood there at his crib watching him sleep, and I almost started crying. He's getting too big too fast. It's like I could see him running out the door to play with his friends because they're more fun than his mom. I just wish I could slow time down. I know most moms are excited for all the milestones, but I'm just not.

But... I can't lie. I did let him cry a little longer in bed this morning as I watched to see if he would roll over. He didn't, but he will again soon.

Even though I don't want him to grow up this fast, I'll be proud of him as he passes every milestone.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

We're Still Not Done?

Christmas is almost over for us. It seems like it all happened so fast! Barrett has no idea what happened, but he seems happy with all the new noise makers he has. I think they're all cute right now, but I am sure in a few weeks, I'll be sick of them. He also enjoyed being held and snuggled by so many people. Luckily for him, the spoiling isn't over, our last Christmas will be Friday night with my mom.

The biggest event lately has nothing to do with the holidays. Last night, Barrett had his first experience with cereal. He definitely likes his bottle better. I finally figured out that I could get a spoonful in his mouth and then quickly stick the bottle in. He would end up washing the cereal down without knowing it.

I think he'll be happier when he gets something with some taste, and the pictures will be more colorful too. :) We'll be starting a vegetable next week sometime if he cooperates and eats cereal the rest of this week.

We hope all of you had a very merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Two Down, Four to Go!

Barrett survived yet another Christmas celebration.

We had Christmas with part of Doug's extended family yesterday. We had a wonderful time, and Barrett was pretty much perfect all day. Everyone helped take care of him, but Doug's Aunt Cindy definitely dominated his time. She was determined to put Barrett to sleep even if he had just woken up. Apparently she feels putting baby's to sleep is her gift. Unfortunately for her, Barrett had other plans.

One of the highlights of the day was our cousin Kelli's little girl. She LOVED holding Barrett because she is really in to dolls. She held him a long time, and gave him back when he whined a bunch. As she walked away she shook her head and said, "That baby is wearing me out!" I almost yelled Amen, but I doubt she'd have gotten it. Later one of her presents was a baby doll that cried. No one really knew what you were supposed to do to stop it, so finally she had her daddy take the batteries out. I wish I had known the battery trick when Barrett went through his colic phase.

We are headed to family party number three tonight. Barrett gets to meet Matthew, Doug's cousin, for the first time tonight. He's such a character. I just love a guy who wore pearl snaps when they weren't cool, then when they were cool, and still now when they are uncool again. He's by far one of my favorite people, and I know he'll be one of Barrett's favorites too.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Barrett's First Christmas Gift

We went to Dallas this weekend, and Barrett had his first of many Christmas celebrations. He had no clue what was going on, but he did seem to enjoy the chaos of all the "big boys" playing. Between Doug, my brother-in-law, my three twenty-something cousins, and my two little nephews there was a LOT of playing.

My aunt tends to give all the "kids" a toy every year, and this year the boys got marshmallow guns. There were marshmallows flying everywhere. In fact, I found quite a few in Barrett's diaper bag when I was at Target yesterday. I'm sure my aunt will be finding them for years!

Barrett did get his very first Christmas present. My aunt gave him Twas the Night Before Christmas. I'm really glad his first present was something we could keep, but I do still want the Huggies size 2 and Isomil Advance Formula! I put that on every list I could, but we didn't get any yet.

Barrett also got a camouflage hat. He wore it for a while then, but he will NOT wear it very often.

Later in the evening, the boys and I decided to teach T-man, my nephew who is seven, how to play poker. He's such a mathematical genius that we're hoping he'll support us all one day. AJ wanted to play too, but he really just wanted the chips.

Barrett seemed to like his first Christmas so far. I'll keep updating as the partying continues. Enjoy your holiday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

He's a Rebel

I realize a lot of kids suck their thumb or fingers, and it is ok. Although, I really want Barrett to be a pacifier kid.

I had a "binkie" until I was five. In pictures, I always had a yarn necklace that matched my outfit holding my binkie. As much as my mom loved for me to look all cute, I'm sure the big brown pacifier hanging around my neck drove her crazy. I loved my pacifier. I have no idea if my parents ever tried to take it away, but it wasn't until I started kindergarten that I decided that I was too big for a pacifier.

Don't worry. I do not have visions of Barrett with a yarn necklace on. I want him to be a pacifier kid because I think it will be easier to wean him off of. I've taught fifth graders that still sucked their thumbs, and they were picked on a lot. I figure "losing" the pacifier or cutting it so it breaks is a lot easier than taking his hand away.

Apparently, Barrett is going to be a lot like me, just not the way I want him to be. Because I want him to like his pacifier, he likes his hand. Of course, he wouldn't be like his mommy if he sucked his thumb like a normal kid, but Doug keeps trying to teach him to suck his thumb. (Doug is much more normal than me.) Here's his way of pacifying himself:

Now, try and hold your hand like that. It can't possibly be comfortable. That's my boy, the rebel!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is Wrong with his Head?

Between putting my house back together from Doug's three days with the baby, doing ALL the laundry (how my husband can wear so much is beyond me!), getting my Christmas card address list completed, mailing most of my Christmas cards, buying presents, wrapping presents, wrapping my dad's presents he ordered on-line and had sent to me, going to two family reunions, cooking for both reunions, pretending to have fun at an impromptu Christmas party with my husband's work buddies, and keeping Barrett happy, updating my blog has been put on the back burner.

I did have a brief break from the last item on the list since Barrett had his first sleepover with a non-family member, Cindy. While I was watching a bunch of women smoke at the oh-so-fun Christmas party, Barrett was being perfect for Cindy and her husband, Brien. (Go to the link to hear about her night with him & see a picture!)

Now, on to my title. Barrett went with me to Sunday school today, and since my fourth grade class was somehow all girls, they were thrilled to have a baby there. He actually was a great prop for the lesson, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, as we were watching the video for our lesson, the little girl next to me was whispering to her friend. Moments later they both asked, "What's wrong with his head?" I calmly explained that it was cradle cap, and it is normal. (Their faces told me they didn't think it was normal at all!) I ended up having to explain cradle cap to a class of fourth graders while they all looked at Barrett like he was diseased. I'd be lying if I told you it was ok because "they are just kids".

Our next event of the day was a family reunion. Barrett was dressed so cute, and I was ready for all the adoring relatives to tell me that I did have the cutest baby in the world. They did tell me how cute he was, BUT it seemed every women had to tell me what I can do for the "problem" he has on his head. All the books say that it doesn't bother him, so honestly, it hasn't bothered me until today.

The pediatrician said it's fine and will go away within the first year but probably sooner. I like him, I trust him, and his words were enough...

I came home sad. Why do all these people have to point out the one little imperfection Barrett has? Most people only put other people down to make themselves feel better. I've come to accept that. They can talk about Barrett's head all they want, but couldn't they do it away from me?

So, I actually considered some of the suggested treatments that everyone swore would work:

1. Rub olive oil his head. Let it stand, then scrub it really hard.

2. Use Head & Shoulders. (That specifically says do not use on children under 3.)

3. Pick all the scales off, and they won't come back. (She also said I'd be pulling out all his hair, but "that's ok, it'll grow back"!?)

4. Use a coarse scrubbing pad when I shampoo him.

And my favorite...

5. Cover his head with peanut butter. (Does she not know about the peanut allergy issues?)

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his two month check up, and again, I'll ask what I should do. I assume I'll get the same reply I did before, and I'll do what he says.

Barrett is happy and that is what is most important. Feel free to leave me your home remedies for cradle cap, I probably won't use it, but I am having fun hearing them. :)

Monday, December 05, 2005

I Heart NY

I am back from an amazing weekend in NYC! I'll blog details and post pictures later, but I need to put my house back in order first. The good news is Barrett survived his weekend with Daddy with LOTS of help from Nana and Pa. Since I got in at 2 am, I haven't gotten to talk to Doug about how everything went, but from the looks of the house, I can assume a few things:

1. Barrett did eat. There are a TONS of bottles to be washed. I didn't even know we had that many bottles!

2. Barrett did sleep. His sheets REALLY need to be washed.

3. Barrett was washed. His bathroom has his tub still full of bath water, three towels on the floor (I have no idea how Doug used three towels), two washcloths on top of the toilet, and baby soap running down the side of the tub.

4. Barrett did wear different clothes. Apparently Doug just stripped him when he spit up and dropped the clothes where ever they were when Barrett spit up.

5. Barrett's diapers were changed regularly. There are diapers overflowing out of the Diaper Genie.

6. Barrett kept Daddy busy. Somehow all the household chores didn't get done. :)

My trip was a definite success for two reasons: I got away and had a blast, and Doug got to experience my life for a few days. When I asked if he had fun with Barrett, he said, "Yeah, but it did get kind of old doing the same thing ALL day long. I never had time to do what I wanted to."

Mission accomplished!