Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is Wrong with his Head?

Between putting my house back together from Doug's three days with the baby, doing ALL the laundry (how my husband can wear so much is beyond me!), getting my Christmas card address list completed, mailing most of my Christmas cards, buying presents, wrapping presents, wrapping my dad's presents he ordered on-line and had sent to me, going to two family reunions, cooking for both reunions, pretending to have fun at an impromptu Christmas party with my husband's work buddies, and keeping Barrett happy, updating my blog has been put on the back burner.

I did have a brief break from the last item on the list since Barrett had his first sleepover with a non-family member, Cindy. While I was watching a bunch of women smoke at the oh-so-fun Christmas party, Barrett was being perfect for Cindy and her husband, Brien. (Go to the link to hear about her night with him & see a picture!)

Now, on to my title. Barrett went with me to Sunday school today, and since my fourth grade class was somehow all girls, they were thrilled to have a baby there. He actually was a great prop for the lesson, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, as we were watching the video for our lesson, the little girl next to me was whispering to her friend. Moments later they both asked, "What's wrong with his head?" I calmly explained that it was cradle cap, and it is normal. (Their faces told me they didn't think it was normal at all!) I ended up having to explain cradle cap to a class of fourth graders while they all looked at Barrett like he was diseased. I'd be lying if I told you it was ok because "they are just kids".

Our next event of the day was a family reunion. Barrett was dressed so cute, and I was ready for all the adoring relatives to tell me that I did have the cutest baby in the world. They did tell me how cute he was, BUT it seemed every women had to tell me what I can do for the "problem" he has on his head. All the books say that it doesn't bother him, so honestly, it hasn't bothered me until today.

The pediatrician said it's fine and will go away within the first year but probably sooner. I like him, I trust him, and his words were enough...

I came home sad. Why do all these people have to point out the one little imperfection Barrett has? Most people only put other people down to make themselves feel better. I've come to accept that. They can talk about Barrett's head all they want, but couldn't they do it away from me?

So, I actually considered some of the suggested treatments that everyone swore would work:

1. Rub olive oil his head. Let it stand, then scrub it really hard.

2. Use Head & Shoulders. (That specifically says do not use on children under 3.)

3. Pick all the scales off, and they won't come back. (She also said I'd be pulling out all his hair, but "that's ok, it'll grow back"!?)

4. Use a coarse scrubbing pad when I shampoo him.

And my favorite...

5. Cover his head with peanut butter. (Does she not know about the peanut allergy issues?)

We go to the doctor tomorrow for his two month check up, and again, I'll ask what I should do. I assume I'll get the same reply I did before, and I'll do what he says.

Barrett is happy and that is what is most important. Feel free to leave me your home remedies for cradle cap, I probably won't use it, but I am having fun hearing them. :)


QueenBee said...

GASP! Barrett IS perfect! It is because his head is soooo perfect that he has cradle cap at all. That is the real reason but the doctors won't tell you that.

Some people should could with a warning label "I say stupid things but really mean no harm". Until then, we'll just have to learn how to grin and Barrett. :)

WyldJoker said...

I totally agree with you. People do like to point out other's imperfections to make themselves feel better. My wife and I have been going through the same thing you are now. our 6 month just recently developed cradle cap and I too have been getting lot of suggestions from others. But our pediatrician said the same thing yours had. "just leave it alone it'll go away on it's own." So why fret about something that apparently doesn't bother him. We;ve left it alone as well and are keeping a "top 10 list" of Stupid remedies. If you find the comments offensive just let that person know. I'm sure they'll change their mood when their error has been pointed out. I've done this many times and they've not only changed their attitude but they've gone out of their way to make sure I or the baby are comfortable. Isn't that amazing? lol

Anonymous said...

hhi my son is 5 months and had cradle cap. the dr said the same thing, but it got worse so he told me touse head and shoulders atleast twice a week. it helped a little, but the poor guy kept scratching so the dr sent us to a dermatologist and he gave us a rx. it is called cutivate lotion. i rubbed it on his head twice a day and within 2 days i brushed his hair and it all came out. it went from honey colored to silver flakes. so that did work on my son.
my other son all i had to do was rub baby oil on his head 1 hour before a bath and it took it off.