Wednesday, December 14, 2005

He's a Rebel

I realize a lot of kids suck their thumb or fingers, and it is ok. Although, I really want Barrett to be a pacifier kid.

I had a "binkie" until I was five. In pictures, I always had a yarn necklace that matched my outfit holding my binkie. As much as my mom loved for me to look all cute, I'm sure the big brown pacifier hanging around my neck drove her crazy. I loved my pacifier. I have no idea if my parents ever tried to take it away, but it wasn't until I started kindergarten that I decided that I was too big for a pacifier.

Don't worry. I do not have visions of Barrett with a yarn necklace on. I want him to be a pacifier kid because I think it will be easier to wean him off of. I've taught fifth graders that still sucked their thumbs, and they were picked on a lot. I figure "losing" the pacifier or cutting it so it breaks is a lot easier than taking his hand away.

Apparently, Barrett is going to be a lot like me, just not the way I want him to be. Because I want him to like his pacifier, he likes his hand. Of course, he wouldn't be like his mommy if he sucked his thumb like a normal kid, but Doug keeps trying to teach him to suck his thumb. (Doug is much more normal than me.) Here's his way of pacifying himself:

Now, try and hold your hand like that. It can't possibly be comfortable. That's my boy, the rebel!


tamara said...

So I have to tell you...I'm online quite a bit during the day for my job and I check your blog pretty regularly...actually more like religiously. And it really is the highlight of my day when you've written something new....I actually have this process now when I find you've posted...check the blog, find out you've written, get up and get a drink to make sure I'm comfortable for a bit, and read and smile. And then this feeling of contentment comes over me like somehow I can be a part of your life again. I really am hoping we get to meet up while I'm in texas in would be amazing to see you after all this time!

QueenBee said...

I love the close up picture! That is adorable!

Katie said...

Hey Mrs. Schmidt
Barrett is so cute! How come I never from you anymore!?! =( Well I guess it is cause you are so busy! Well have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

annoy mouse aka grammar said...

By your comment "Doug is much more normal than me", I can see why you and Cindy get along.(nothing normal about her)....hehehe