Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow in Houston?

Yesterday afternoon, I finally felt like my head was above water!

Doug took Barrett for the morning, and I cleaned like a maniac. I felt so good about how much I accomplished, and my remaining list of things to organize and clean could easily have been finished in a hour or two.

Then, we went to pick up the baby furniture. You would think that would be a big relief having that done. Little did I know!

We managed to get the furniture in the house with Doug's dad's and a neighbor's help, and Doug and I even got it all out of the boxes. Barrett had a blast trying to help until he realized that the packaging was much cooler than the boring furniture inside.

As I was working to organize the room, Doug and Barrett made a house/maze out of the huge boxes. OK, Doug made the house and Barrett played with styrofoam packaging stuff. So, my previously spotless house now has a huge cardboard house in it complete with snow. (I'll try and get pictures of Barrett in his house later today!)

There is styrofoam EVERYWHERE! I tried to vacuum it up, but it won't work. Now, I have to pick it all up by hand... It is currently Sunday afternoon, and still there is "snow" in my house. Apparently it was quite windy in my house last night because the snow has drifted all over the house.

O-well, head back under water. Maybe I'll resurface on Tuesday while Barrett's at Mother's Day Out!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Forget a Title, Naming Stuff is too Hard!

OK, so I have completed a lot of my to do list with the exception of having a bed set up for mom and packing for the hospital. Considering I now only have 22 days until I have this baby, I REALLY need to get stuff done.

The baby's room is now ready for furniture. Now all we need to do is pick it up, and then I can organize that room too. Ugh! For having such a small house, I seem to always have something to do...

Here are a couple of picks of #2's room.

Barrett had fun attempting to help us which usually meant he was pulling tape off the wall after it was perfectly done or measuring with the tape measure and screaming when it rolled back up. Daddy even learned that Barrett can climb to the top of a six foot ladder really quickly. (Mommy lectured Daddy shortly after the incident.) Here is Barrett showing you the work he is so proud of.

I am really happy with the way the striped look, and I can't wait to have it all done!

Barrett is doing great. He talks ALL the time, and he will attempt to repeat anything I ask him to and a lot of things I wish he wouldn't. :)

One of his favorite things right now is balloons. Our Kroger gives kids balloons every time you go, and Barrett has quickly figured this one out. As soon as I say store or we pull in to Kroger, the balloon chanting starts. He will even point to the floral department to let me know where I need to go.

We've become quite the regulars, and when Gladys is working, we even get better quality balloons than the cheap Kroger ones. Yes, we are on a first name basis with the balloon lady.

Well Barrett is in bed, and I have organizing still to do! Hopefully I'll be able to start updating more often, but we'll see... Life is about to get really busy!

Oh, and one more thing I need to do, #2 is still nameless. There is a name currently in the running, but I'm still not sure... Let me know if you have any ideas!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're Alive

Yes, I am still alive, BUT I am still not really going to blog today.

I made myself a promise that I wouldn't do anything I like to do until I got everything I need to do done. So, as soon as I complete the following things, I'll really update the blog with pictures, Barrett stories, and baby stuff.

The list:

1. finish moving the study into our bedroom

2. rearrange my closet and Doug's to hold all the stuff that was previously stored in our giant desk

3. Finish hooking up all the computer accessories on our new tiny, cheap desk

4. Finish painting the stripes in the bottom half of the baby's walls so Doug can put up the crown moulding and chair rail

5. Clean out the baby's closet (It's where EVERYTHING without a home goes!)

6. Pack for the hospital (I have 33 days, but just in case!)

7. Set up study to be a playroom and temporary bedroom for my mom when she is here to help

OK, I'm stressed just typing it all, so I better get back to the current project of striping...

I promise to update more soon assuming I don't go into early labor! :)