Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reading with Daddy?

My favorite thing lately is watching Barrett with Doug. He is definitely a Daddy's boy, but it is the changes in Doug that I love the most.

At night, when he thinks I'm not paying attention, Doug sits with Barrett in the glider and reads books to him. It is so fun to listen to Doug read in different voices and ask Barrett questions about what they see. I actually like it so much that sometimes I tell Doug I need to go to sleep early, so I can sit in bed and listen to him read through the baby monitor.

This may not be a major thing for a lot of you mommies out there, but anyone who knows Doug will understand why it is a something I wouldn't expect.

In other Barrett happenings, he still LOVES Mater. He wakes up in the morning looking for him.

He also loves the Wiggles still. He will grab the remote and say, "Wee wee," and if we don't quickly turn it on, he gets mad!

This afternoon, we were all lazy watching football. Doug started playing with Barrett's hair as he commented that he needs a haircut. Needless to say boredom took over, and Barrett was sporting a new do in no time.

It's funny now, but when he's fifteen I'll die if he does this! :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Barrett Update

Barrett finally is starting to walk. He has been taking one or two steps, but not consistently. On Tuesday, which was my birthday, he started walking. He went from one or two wobbly steps to walking across the room. He is so proud of himself! I'm not sure how great of a birthday gift it is, but I was so excited for him. He still tends to use crawling as his main transportation, but he likes his walking too.

I've tried to capture the Frankenstein like walking on film, but it's not easy when he is walking right to me. Here is the best shot I've gotten.

Barrett also loves to go outside. He is definitely his father's son. The other day we had been playing almost all day inside, and I guess he decided it was time to get out. He took a box that was in the living room and pushed it to the door, and then he made his attempt.

After he saw the flash, he knew he was busted!

I guess I need to buy the anti-kid door knob things...

It's Another Boy...

We had our ultrasound yesterday, and we found out that Barrett will be getting a little brother!

Blogger won't let me post pictures right now, so the Barrett update will have to wait! :) Hopefully, it'll work soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wee wee wee

Last night Doug and I were watching tv, and Barrett was amusing himself playing in the living room. One of Barrett's favorite pastimes is climbing on me. So, it didn't take long for him to be on the couch treating me like a jungle gym.

He started playing with my feet which normally would bug me, but lately, he's been jumping on my ever growing belly so the "break" was nice. I was pretty much ignoring him (I know, bad mommy!) until I realized what he was doing.

He was wiggling my little toe and saying, "Wee wee wee."

I started waving at Doug to get his attention before Barrett stopped, and the both of us were cracking up. Since we were laughing, Barrett started laughing too. I asked him if he was playing piggies with Mommy's toes, and he started wiggling my big toe and dancing. While he did that, I started the whole little rhyme. He actually did the whole thing right.

He thought it was really funny (so did we). He would clap for himself like he had just accomplished something incredible. I think Doug was more impressed than Barrett was.

**I did take that opportunity to point out what Barrett and I obviously do all day long since sometimes Daddy thinks Mommy is watching soaps and eating bon bons. :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

1 Year Pictures

I finally got around to getting Barrett's 1 year pictures taken today. This picture should tell you exactly how it went.

After we finished pictures, Dorothy, who was with us, wanted to buy him a shirt at the Gap that said, "Little Terror". Need I say more?