Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby #2

I realize that I don't blog that often about being pregnant, but to be honest, sometimes I forget that I am. This pregnancy started off rough, but now things are so easy. (Besides fitting into clothes!)

We went to the doctor yesterday, and she said that she's scheduling us to have the baby on Friday, February 16th. Which means the boys will be exactly 18 months apart! (This is assuming that #2 doesn't make an early appearance.)

I can't believe I only have 11 weeks to go, and I have done NOTHING to prepare. I guess we need to get ready.

The one major thing we have not accomplished is picking a name. Barrett's name was so easy, but we just can't seem to find one we want for #2. If I'm not careful, we'll end up calling him #2 forever. (No, we're not going to name him Deuce!)

#1 has been keeping us busy. It seems like he does something new every day! Lately he's been loving brushing his teeth, wearing hats, and making funny faces.

This morning, he was sitting on the couch so content, I had to get a picture.

Here is one of his new faces. This is his surprised look.

He wouldn't cooperate to show you his new fake smile, but I am sure when we get our family pictures taken tomorrow, he'll show the photographer...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Things have been a little crazy around here, but we did have a good Thanksgiving. It was hard for me because this was my first Thanksgiving ever to not see anyone in my family. It was weird not to have the food I was used to having, but I managed to eat plenty anyway!
Here is a picture we took on Thanksgiving of the three of us. I didn't realize that I was looking so puffy until I saw the pictures. O-well, I guess that comes with being pregnant! I can't imagine what I'll look like in a few months from now!

Barrett loved seeing his Uncle Ray so many times this past week. I had coached him relentlessly so that when Ray was here, he would say his name. Well, I was successful in getting him to say Ray, but he ended up calling Ray's girlfriend, Kristin, Ray instead. I think he was pretty smitten with Kristin, and since it made her smile, he just kept saying it. I'm sure he loves his Uncle Ray too, but Ray's just not as pretty as Kristin. Barrett has always loved the girls! :)

One of the highlights of our week was seeing Doug's best friend Justin and his family. He has two adorable little ones, Ryan, who is 3 and a half, and Reagan , who turns 2 in a couple weeks. I enjoyed talking with Justin's wife, LeeAnn, about dealing with kids being 18 months apart, and Doug just liked having his buddy around.

Barrett seemed to really like both of the kids. He really wanted to play with Reagan, but she is in the "mine" phase. She went right to one of Barrett's toys and started collecting all the balls. When Barrett got near them, she would yell, "mine". Barrett would just go find her more balls to add to her collection.

Later, when Reagan went into the kitchen, Barrett grabbed some of the balls and started saying, "mine." At first I was concerned that he had picked it up from her, but then we realized he was calling Reagan. Apparently, he decided her name must be Mine since that is all she said. For the rest of the night, LeeAnn and I just giggled as she and Barrett exchanged "mines" meaning completely different things.

It was so nice visiting with old friends, but it also makes me wish we had more time for the other friends we don't see often enough. It's not that they are not thought of, life just goes so fast lately!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and as Christmas approaches this year, try to relax and enjoy the season. (I know, wishful thinking!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Little Helper

Barrett escaped the other night when Doug took him out of the bath.

He obviously was listening earlier in the night when I was complaining to Doug that I am apparently the only person who knows how to unload the dishwasher.

Ok, so it's not really what I had in mind, but at least he was trying to help.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our Favorite Seasons

I love the Christmas season, and I would be lying if I agreed with everyone else that the stores start Christmas too early. There is not much I like more than Christmas decorations, so browsing the stores actually puts me in a good mood.

Doug, on the other hand, loves this time of year for an entirely different reason. He gets all giddy because it is deer season. He's been up at 5 something every weekend morning the past two weeks to go look for Bambi's daddy. He didn't get to go to Colorado hunting this year, but he is definitely making up for it.

So, Barrett has been a perfect blend of Daddy and Mommy lately.

Barrett loves all the Christmas stuff out especially the trees. We walk the aisles looking at decorations, and he points, talks and laughs the whole time. It's almost like having a little me along for the fun, and I get to get a lot more excited because I have a kid with me. When you wander along alone all excited, people look at you weird.

Doug has been working hard to teach Barrett what a deer is, and Daddy is very proud that Barrett now points to all things deer and says, "Dee".

The other night, Doug's work buddy, Marsha, sent Barrett a stuffed deer from the movie Open Season. Doug quickly had Barrett trained to say, "boom," to the deer, and Doug would then make the deer act like it was dying. Barrett thinks it is hilarious.

Now, Barrett can entertain the crowds by being asked, "What do you say to a deer?" He will answer, "Boom", usually followed by a "blahhhhh" which is somewhat like the sound Daddy makes for the death scene this stuffed deer keeps reliving.

Today is when these two totally opposite new loves combined.

I was walking with Barrett out of the nursery at church when he saw a table decorated for Christmas. He pointed and yelled, so I walked him closer. The table was to recruit people to volunteer for something at Christmas time, and as we walked closer, Barrett saw the stuffed reindeer in the middle of the table.

As the nice man was trying to tell me about how I could help, Barrett pointed at the deer, and said, "Dee." The man laughed and commented how cute Barrett is. Then Barrett leaned in, said, "Boom!," and knocked the reindeer down. The man really didn't seem amused.

I'm pretty sure I am now signed up to help with whatever it was. Hopefully, I'll get an email reminder because I did not pay attention at all. I was so embarrassed that I just signed up, fixed the reindeer, and left.

I know the more he talks, the more I'll be embarrassed. At least it will make for some good stories...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recyling with Daddy

I've been griping at Doug to get rid of his surplus of t-shirts he wears to the farm to "work". So, last night, instead of giving me a stack for Good Will or the trash, he brought them into the living room to cut up as rags. I swear, the man can't throw anything out!

Barrett was more than willing to help Daddy, but was quickly distracted by playing with the pieces. He was running around with shirts over his head and running into things laughing.

By the time I got the camera, Daddy had a new use for old t-shirt sleeves.

Barrett was just too funny with his new hat and t-shirt over his head.

I think Daddy liked the sleeve hat too!