Sunday, November 26, 2006


Things have been a little crazy around here, but we did have a good Thanksgiving. It was hard for me because this was my first Thanksgiving ever to not see anyone in my family. It was weird not to have the food I was used to having, but I managed to eat plenty anyway!
Here is a picture we took on Thanksgiving of the three of us. I didn't realize that I was looking so puffy until I saw the pictures. O-well, I guess that comes with being pregnant! I can't imagine what I'll look like in a few months from now!

Barrett loved seeing his Uncle Ray so many times this past week. I had coached him relentlessly so that when Ray was here, he would say his name. Well, I was successful in getting him to say Ray, but he ended up calling Ray's girlfriend, Kristin, Ray instead. I think he was pretty smitten with Kristin, and since it made her smile, he just kept saying it. I'm sure he loves his Uncle Ray too, but Ray's just not as pretty as Kristin. Barrett has always loved the girls! :)

One of the highlights of our week was seeing Doug's best friend Justin and his family. He has two adorable little ones, Ryan, who is 3 and a half, and Reagan , who turns 2 in a couple weeks. I enjoyed talking with Justin's wife, LeeAnn, about dealing with kids being 18 months apart, and Doug just liked having his buddy around.

Barrett seemed to really like both of the kids. He really wanted to play with Reagan, but she is in the "mine" phase. She went right to one of Barrett's toys and started collecting all the balls. When Barrett got near them, she would yell, "mine". Barrett would just go find her more balls to add to her collection.

Later, when Reagan went into the kitchen, Barrett grabbed some of the balls and started saying, "mine." At first I was concerned that he had picked it up from her, but then we realized he was calling Reagan. Apparently, he decided her name must be Mine since that is all she said. For the rest of the night, LeeAnn and I just giggled as she and Barrett exchanged "mines" meaning completely different things.

It was so nice visiting with old friends, but it also makes me wish we had more time for the other friends we don't see often enough. It's not that they are not thought of, life just goes so fast lately!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and as Christmas approaches this year, try to relax and enjoy the season. (I know, wishful thinking!)

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