Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recyling with Daddy

I've been griping at Doug to get rid of his surplus of t-shirts he wears to the farm to "work". So, last night, instead of giving me a stack for Good Will or the trash, he brought them into the living room to cut up as rags. I swear, the man can't throw anything out!

Barrett was more than willing to help Daddy, but was quickly distracted by playing with the pieces. He was running around with shirts over his head and running into things laughing.

By the time I got the camera, Daddy had a new use for old t-shirt sleeves.

Barrett was just too funny with his new hat and t-shirt over his head.

I think Daddy liked the sleeve hat too!


Karen said...

Cute. It's about time you post some pictures of yourself, though! We want to see your pregnant belly!

Ebenezer said...

Ditto what Karen said! He looks SOOOOO much like a big boy in that first picture!