Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I know I have mentioned how much Barrett loves to sing songs, and that definitely has not changed.

Barrett will sing in the car, while he is playing, when he is supposed to be napping, and any other time a song pops into his head.

Lately, he has been picking up new songs everywhere, and there is one song that makes me laugh more than any other.

We still don't know who taught it to him. He claims it was Daddy, but Doug said it wasn't him.

Barrett not only knows it makes me smile, he also has learned that when I am upset with him, singing this works wonders.

He also likes to change songs up a little with his own re-mixes. You'll hear one of his changes in this video.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Fisher loves to give kisses, but for a long time, he couldn't figure out how we made the kiss sound.

Lucky for him, he's pretty resourceful and found his own way to make a kiss.

I have been trying to get it on video forever. He actually does normal kisses at the beginning, but the last kiss is how he first figured out how to give kisses.

I am almost sad that he figured out the right way and doesn't still always kiss using his finger. It is so cute!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Fisher loves to point out shoes.

When Doug is putting on his socks and shoes, Fisher runs to him, points, and says in his whispering voice, "shoe."

Doug has been working very hard on teaching Fisher the difference between shoes and socks, and for the most part, he is starting to get it.

Last night, we had a block party at our neighbor's house.

Barrett was very excited about swimming in a big pool, but he was not excited about the two dogs that live in their back yard.

Barrett immediately panicked when he saw them, and because Fisher mimics everything Barrett does, he screamed when the dogs got near him too.

Once Barrett and Daddy were in the pool, Barrett was in heaven. He would get out on the side and jump right back in. Sometimes he wouldn't wait for Doug to be ready causing a momentary panic attack in the water. Apparently, Barrett wouldn't be that upset about the extra seconds he was under water because he would get out and do it again without hesitation.

The only real problem was when the dogs came up beside him when he was about to jump in. He would scream and run into the pool. If he were capable of walking on water, it would have happened then.

Fisher, on the other hand, did not enjoy the pool. He wanted out the moment he got in. It might have to do with the fact that Barrett splashed him repeatedly, but whatever it was, Fisher only lasted about two minutes.

The best part of the party for Fisher was the food. I have no idea how much he actually ate, but I know he had at least one and a half hot dogs, two pieces of cake, a pickle, three glasses of kool-aid, a cup of blue jello, and millions of Doritos.

Fisher pretty much had food in his hands at all times which led to a problem.

When a kid is that short combined with a little unstable and is carrying food around, he quickly becomes the dogs' best friend.

Fisher did not share same love for them. He would scream and get mad at them usually throwing his food.

It was a vicious cycle.

Finally, Jill, the neighbor, told the the dogs to go away by saying, "Shoo!"

She even told Fisher to say, "Shoo," when they were bothering him.

A few handfuls of Doritos later, the dogs came looking for Fisher.

Fisher looked at us, looked at his Doritos, looked at the dogs, looked back at us, smiled, and then loudly yelled at the dogs, "Socks!"

The dogs went away, we all laughed, and Fisher sat there with his Doritos beaming with pride.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Little Potato Heads

Yikes, I am WAY behind on blogging, and to be honest, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back into it. I am co-directing VBS at my church this year, and it is a HUGE commitment. We are expecting 500 kids, and I have been using every free moment I have to work on it. So, the blog has been put on the back burner for now. I promise after June 13th, I should be able to post more.

One of Barrett's favorite parts of "VBS" is when I have a meeting at the church. We meet in Theresa's office which is a little kid's heaven. She has a gumball machine, millions of magnets, and most importantly, a huge potato head collection.

Barrett and Fisher love playing with the potato heads, but not in the conventional way.

Fisher typically can't get the glasses on his face, and he ends up with them stuck on the back of his neck. It's "ill-air-eeee-us" according to Barrett.

Monday, May 05, 2008

What Did He Say?

Fisher has a new word which sounds just like, "Baaa - beee". Most people think he is saying baby, and to be honest for a while I did too. Until I realized he was pointing at Barrett everytime he said it.

So, Fisher's name for his big brother sounds a lot like, "baby."

I'm sure when they are teenagers, Fisher will think this is funny.

The Sounds of Brotherhood

Most of my day is spent telling Barrett to stop abusing his brother.

I can hear Fisher's muffled squeal and without looking, I know Barrett is on top of him.
"Barrett, get off of your brother!"

If Fisher grunts, Barrett is pulling on some part of him.
"Barrett, let go of your brother."
If I hear a smack, followed by Barrett saying, "No," Barrett has just spanked Fisher.
"Barrett, you do not spank your brother."
If Fisher laughs but quickly get really quiet, Barrett has smothered him with something.
"Barrett, take the stuffed animal/pillow/blanket/whatever off of the baby!"
If Fisher screams then throws himself on the floor (thud), Barrett has taken something away from him.
"Barrett, give Fisher back the toy!"
So, the other day Fisher made a sound while they were playing I had never heard.
I went running.
Here is what I found.
Apparently, Barrett can play with his little brother without injuring him.
Who knew??

Thursday, May 01, 2008

broom broom

I realize I have been bad about updating, and it's not that nothing has been happening, I just haven't had a chance to write.

I wish I could sit here and write about all the funny things the boys have been doing, but I can only get so much "me time" a day. Since I have a very limited amount of time, I'll just give you a quick set of pictures I took of Fisher the other day.

Fisher is in love with any form of transportation. He especially loves to be on the four wheeler with Paw or Daddy, but when that is not an option, he likes to sit in his truck.

When Daddy is home, he'll push Fisher across the room, and Fisher will just laugh and laugh.
When Daddy is not home and Mommy is not in the mood to play, Fisher has to find other fun things to do in the truck...
...Like show how flexible he is...

...or snack on his toes.

He is such a silly, little man!