Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I know I have mentioned how much Barrett loves to sing songs, and that definitely has not changed.

Barrett will sing in the car, while he is playing, when he is supposed to be napping, and any other time a song pops into his head.

Lately, he has been picking up new songs everywhere, and there is one song that makes me laugh more than any other.

We still don't know who taught it to him. He claims it was Daddy, but Doug said it wasn't him.

Barrett not only knows it makes me smile, he also has learned that when I am upset with him, singing this works wonders.

He also likes to change songs up a little with his own re-mixes. You'll hear one of his changes in this video.



Kris said...

The rap version def. my fav! HOW CUTE IS HE!

Chas said...

Hahahaha! He is such a character!

Cindy said...

How did he grow up so stinkin' fast?