Monday, May 05, 2008

The Sounds of Brotherhood

Most of my day is spent telling Barrett to stop abusing his brother.

I can hear Fisher's muffled squeal and without looking, I know Barrett is on top of him.
"Barrett, get off of your brother!"

If Fisher grunts, Barrett is pulling on some part of him.
"Barrett, let go of your brother."
If I hear a smack, followed by Barrett saying, "No," Barrett has just spanked Fisher.
"Barrett, you do not spank your brother."
If Fisher laughs but quickly get really quiet, Barrett has smothered him with something.
"Barrett, take the stuffed animal/pillow/blanket/whatever off of the baby!"
If Fisher screams then throws himself on the floor (thud), Barrett has taken something away from him.
"Barrett, give Fisher back the toy!"
So, the other day Fisher made a sound while they were playing I had never heard.
I went running.
Here is what I found.
Apparently, Barrett can play with his little brother without injuring him.
Who knew??


Laura Neal said...

Oh, that is so sweet.

Kris said...

It is so nice to have those moments...that are so fleeting:)

Chas said...

Awww...despite the abuse, they're still going to be best friends!