Monday, May 26, 2008


Fisher loves to point out shoes.

When Doug is putting on his socks and shoes, Fisher runs to him, points, and says in his whispering voice, "shoe."

Doug has been working very hard on teaching Fisher the difference between shoes and socks, and for the most part, he is starting to get it.

Last night, we had a block party at our neighbor's house.

Barrett was very excited about swimming in a big pool, but he was not excited about the two dogs that live in their back yard.

Barrett immediately panicked when he saw them, and because Fisher mimics everything Barrett does, he screamed when the dogs got near him too.

Once Barrett and Daddy were in the pool, Barrett was in heaven. He would get out on the side and jump right back in. Sometimes he wouldn't wait for Doug to be ready causing a momentary panic attack in the water. Apparently, Barrett wouldn't be that upset about the extra seconds he was under water because he would get out and do it again without hesitation.

The only real problem was when the dogs came up beside him when he was about to jump in. He would scream and run into the pool. If he were capable of walking on water, it would have happened then.

Fisher, on the other hand, did not enjoy the pool. He wanted out the moment he got in. It might have to do with the fact that Barrett splashed him repeatedly, but whatever it was, Fisher only lasted about two minutes.

The best part of the party for Fisher was the food. I have no idea how much he actually ate, but I know he had at least one and a half hot dogs, two pieces of cake, a pickle, three glasses of kool-aid, a cup of blue jello, and millions of Doritos.

Fisher pretty much had food in his hands at all times which led to a problem.

When a kid is that short combined with a little unstable and is carrying food around, he quickly becomes the dogs' best friend.

Fisher did not share same love for them. He would scream and get mad at them usually throwing his food.

It was a vicious cycle.

Finally, Jill, the neighbor, told the the dogs to go away by saying, "Shoo!"

She even told Fisher to say, "Shoo," when they were bothering him.

A few handfuls of Doritos later, the dogs came looking for Fisher.

Fisher looked at us, looked at his Doritos, looked at the dogs, looked back at us, smiled, and then loudly yelled at the dogs, "Socks!"

The dogs went away, we all laughed, and Fisher sat there with his Doritos beaming with pride.


Jami said...

I admit, I should have seen that one coming, but it caught me off guard, and I was hit with the punch line, and I, once again, thank you for making me laugh out loud, and share your joys of two precious little boys!

Kris said...

Go dad he got it!