Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Weekend

Last Saturday, we were taking the boys to Gran Gran's house for Doug's family's Easter. So, I dressed them in cute, little matching outfits that were somewhat "Eastery", but that they could where in the hot weather.

Since they looked cute, I attempted to take a few picture before we left.

Barrett was doing his goofy smile in most the pictures, and Fisher just wanted to go. (Notice Fisher is pointing, as usual, in the second picture.)

Once we were at Gran Gran's the boys loved playing with all their cousins. After we ate, Barrett went down for his nap, and Fisher enjoyed playing outside.

Fisher loved playing on Will's tractor. He wouldn't even look at me for a picture. He was too busy laughing and making tractor sounds.

Once Barrett woke up from his nap, it was time to have another egg hunt.

Just like at the church egg hunt, Fisher just liked carrying the eggs around.

Barrett ran around as best he could to find eggs, but his older cousins were a lot faster than he was. With Nana's help, he was able to get his basket filled up too.

After the hunt was over, it was time for Fisher's nap, and Barrett played outside. Barrett decided he wanted to dye eggs like the older kids had done earlier, so I stripped him down and let him play.

Not only did he make his eggs nice and colorful, but his hand was pretty and green too.

By the time we headed home on Saturday night, both boys were exhausted. Barrett pretty much went straight to sleep, but Fisher fought me for a couple of hours. I think he was so tired he couldn't even sleep. By 11:00, he FINALLY passed out.

On Easter morning, Barrett was so excited the Easter bunny had come and left him candy, a bunny, and a new tay-toe head. He was also excited about Fisher's duck.

It didn't take long for him to realize that the empty plastic eggs he left for the bunny were now hidden around the house.

Once he picked one up, he was really happy to find quarters in it.

He was so happy, that he hugged the egg saying, "I love these eggs."

Fisher even manged to find one of them.

Later in the day, we all headed down to the beach for Easter with my family. Of course, the warm weather from Saturday was gone, and Barrett was disappointed to not be able to swim in the ocean. Once he got over the disappointment, he had a blast playing with his cousins there.

Overall, the weekend was so much fun but I am exhasuted. Holidays were a lot more relaxing before I had kids!

Good Friday

I realize I am a little behind, but things have been pretty busy around here. I couldn't tell you what has been keeping me busy, but somehow, I just have NO free time.

Last week, Friday wasn't just Good Friday, it was a great Friday.

I had a hair appointment in the morning, so Tay Tay came to play with the boys, and they couldn't have been happier.

At lunch time, not only did I come home, but Daddy did too. (I LOVE that he only works half a day on Fridays now!)

We ate lunch then loaded up the boys to go to church for the Easter egg hunt. Barrett was SO excited.

After the super cute puppet show, Barrett was still happy, but he was started to drag a little since it was already two hour past his nap time.

Fisher had a blast hunting the eggs. Ok, he really just liked holding an egg. We would convince him to put it in the basket, but then he would take the same one back out to hold. He was REALLY proud of his one egg.

Barrett flew around collecting eggs, and even helped Fisher by putting some in his basket too.
By the end of the hunt, Barrett was done, D-O-N-E.
Here is a photo of all my boys at the end, notice Barrett's enthusiasm.

When we came home, Doug and I decided it was too late for Barrett's nap, so we just played outside on the new fortress. The neighbors came over, and the boys had a blast.
Later in the evening, my friend, Misti, that NEVER comes to see us, actually came over.
Barrett and Fisher had lots of fun playing with her.

When I was putting Barrett to bed that night, he said that it was a "cool day". He also asked if Aunt Misti could come back tomorrow.

So, Aunt Mist, when are you coming back?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Fisher is definitely on the go, and he expects you to be too.

He is constantly pointing to wear he wants to go, but he wants everyone to go with him.

It seems like he spends most of his time pointing, and then getting VERY upset if you don't go where wants you to go.

He's just lucky that he is so cute that everyone usually wants to follow him. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friday Afternoons

While a lot of the country is still in the middle of winter including my mom who is buried in snow, we are in the middle of a warm spell.

Friday afternoon, Doug was home from work since it was his last day at his job with the home builder. He will start his new job on Monday at the engineering firm that he worked at right out of college. One of the perks of the new job is that he will only work until noon EVERY Friday! So, we considered Friday a practice run for what life will be like now.

When we got Barrett home from school, we filled up the pool and got ready to get the boys in. While the weather was really warm, the water was not.

Barrett didn't care how cold the water was. He was so happy to be back in his pool again!

Fisher was happy when we first put him in,

but as soon as Barrett started splashing,
Fisher was not happy.

I took Fisher out of the pool, and he was happy to go help Daddy with the finishing touches on the fortress he has built.

With his baby brother out of the way, Barrett was able to splash all he wanted. Even though he said he wasn't cold, his reaction to the water when he first got really wet says otherwise.

Barrett really wanted a playmate, so little Ava from down the street came to swim with him. They had so much fun splashing, sliding, and running all over the place.

They even played up in the fort. Ava's Daddy was over too, and he busted Barrett trying to kiss Ava up in the fort. Her Daddy took this picture with his phone as he told Barrett to be good up there with his little one!

We are in for lots of mad Dads with this little ladies man!

Friday was so much fun. We are looking forward to many more afternoons with Daddy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Egg Hunting

Barrett and Doug were talking as they were in the bathtub tonight.

Doug was telling Barrett that this weekend, Barrett was going to go to Nana's to color eggs and then hunt them.

Instead of cheering his typical, "yeah!" cheer, he made a really sad face.

Doug asked him why he didn't want to go hunt eggs at Nana's, and Barrett said, "Nana would be sad."

Doug looked a little confused until I clarified for him.

Barrett was thinking that Nana would be sad if he shot all her eggs.

We explained that "hunt" can also mean to look for something that is hidden.

After he learned that you can hunt without the kill, Barrett was ready to hunt Nana's eggs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bunny Picture

We had a very odd morning.

As I was planning out the day, I was talking with a friend on the phone. I told her that I was going to take the boys to get haircuts and then to the mall to take bunny pictures.

She laughed and said, "I'll check your blog later because you are setting yourself up for a good one."

So, we went to get haircuts. Two different barbers cut the boys hair at the same time. Both boys sat quietly through the haircuts with no complaints. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

When we got to the mall, the Easter bunny was not there yet. Barrett was fine waiting.

When it was our turn, both boys got on the bunnies lap, looked at the camera, and grinned. (The crappy person taking the picture NEVER snapped them smiling at the same time.)

All the other moms were amazed at how wonderful they were. I just took the compliments like they are always this good.

We went to play and then to eat at the mall with nothing but good behavior.

When we got home, both boys went straight to bed with no argument. They have been napping for 2 hours.

I could just look at this as a wonderful , blessed morning, but that wouldn't be like me.

All I can think is that I am in for one hell of an evening.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I was trying to get organized this morning to get Barrett to school while both boys play in the living room.

As I was going to Barrett's room to get his clothes out, I noticed he was in the bathroom holding a toy cow and a washcloth.

I stopped and waited to see what his plans were.

He saw me and very quietly said, "Mommy, you don't see me."

So, I just walked away.

In a few minutes, I might actually go back and see what happened.


Barrett just informed me that he has poop. I guess he and the cow were doing their business in there. I don't know what the towel was for!? I'm just excited that Barrett went into the bathroom to poop. Now, if he would just go in the toilet instead of the pull-up.

Our Trip to the Radio

Last week, Nana, Paw, and I took the boys to the rodeo, or radio as Barrett calls it.

Barrett was so excited to see everything, and he was just as excited to wear his new cowboy boots.

There were so many fun things to do, and Barrett loved it all!

Barrett loved seeing all of the animals, especially the cows. I don't know why the cows were so exciting considering he can see them anytime at Nana and Paw's house.

He was just as happy with the dressed up cow as he was the real ones.

Fisher, on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled when Paw took him to meet the moo moo.

Fisher was much more comfortable near the real cows.

After seeing all the cows, pigs, roosters, chicks hatching, rabbits, and a baby kangaroo, Barrett was ready to ride a horse.

Barrett loved every second of his pony ride. He would pet the pony's mane and tell him he was doing a good job. Normally, Barrett wants me to take a picture then leave him alone, but he kept bugging me to "take another picture" of him on the pony!

Barrett also loved playing in the barrel that the clowns hide in during the bull riding.

It looks like Barrett is too busy flirting with a cute girl in the front row to try and help the cowboy who is flying off the bull. I guess he doesn't have much of a future as a rodeo clown.

Fisher even enjoyed getting in the barrel- with a little help from Paw who is hiding below!

After all the activities in the livestock show, we headed to the carnival.

Fisher and Barrett rode the pink elephant ride with mommy.

Barrett and Nana rode the carousel. Barrett waved to me everytime he went by.

Mommy and Barrett rode the Ferris wheel. Barrett thought it was funny how little the pink elephants looked from way up in the sky.

Mommy and Barrett spun a whole lot on this dragon ride thing. (Mommy did NOT like this ride.)

Paw even got in on the fun. He rode this giant slide with Barrett.

Barrett liked the whole carnival, but there was a clear favorite ride that he rode over and over again. If you ask him about the rodeo, he'll tell you about the best thing there...

Barrett keeps asking if we can go back to see the pink elephants. Daddy is planning on taking him this weekend, and I think I know what their first activity will be!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Old Video

I completely forgot to upload this video when I took it about a month ago, but it's too cute not to show.

This is Fisher walking when he was first figuring it out. He really liked walking on his knees better than on his feet, so when we would try and get him to walk, that is usually what he would do. He was just as proud of walking on his knees as he was walking on his feet.

Of course, since it's been a month, he is now walking without being quite so awkward!