Thursday, March 13, 2008

Egg Hunting

Barrett and Doug were talking as they were in the bathtub tonight.

Doug was telling Barrett that this weekend, Barrett was going to go to Nana's to color eggs and then hunt them.

Instead of cheering his typical, "yeah!" cheer, he made a really sad face.

Doug asked him why he didn't want to go hunt eggs at Nana's, and Barrett said, "Nana would be sad."

Doug looked a little confused until I clarified for him.

Barrett was thinking that Nana would be sad if he shot all her eggs.

We explained that "hunt" can also mean to look for something that is hidden.

After he learned that you can hunt without the kill, Barrett was ready to hunt Nana's eggs.


Jami said...

That is REALLY funny! Reader's Digest funny. I wonder what an egg would look like mounted on a wall?

Kris said...

That is hilarious. My dad will love this one. As a child I NEVER was allowed to see Bambi. I did not see it until I was in college actually. He was so afraid I would be scarred for life and never want to go humting with him!