Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Trip to the Radio

Last week, Nana, Paw, and I took the boys to the rodeo, or radio as Barrett calls it.

Barrett was so excited to see everything, and he was just as excited to wear his new cowboy boots.

There were so many fun things to do, and Barrett loved it all!

Barrett loved seeing all of the animals, especially the cows. I don't know why the cows were so exciting considering he can see them anytime at Nana and Paw's house.

He was just as happy with the dressed up cow as he was the real ones.

Fisher, on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled when Paw took him to meet the moo moo.

Fisher was much more comfortable near the real cows.

After seeing all the cows, pigs, roosters, chicks hatching, rabbits, and a baby kangaroo, Barrett was ready to ride a horse.

Barrett loved every second of his pony ride. He would pet the pony's mane and tell him he was doing a good job. Normally, Barrett wants me to take a picture then leave him alone, but he kept bugging me to "take another picture" of him on the pony!

Barrett also loved playing in the barrel that the clowns hide in during the bull riding.

It looks like Barrett is too busy flirting with a cute girl in the front row to try and help the cowboy who is flying off the bull. I guess he doesn't have much of a future as a rodeo clown.

Fisher even enjoyed getting in the barrel- with a little help from Paw who is hiding below!

After all the activities in the livestock show, we headed to the carnival.

Fisher and Barrett rode the pink elephant ride with mommy.

Barrett and Nana rode the carousel. Barrett waved to me everytime he went by.

Mommy and Barrett rode the Ferris wheel. Barrett thought it was funny how little the pink elephants looked from way up in the sky.

Mommy and Barrett spun a whole lot on this dragon ride thing. (Mommy did NOT like this ride.)

Paw even got in on the fun. He rode this giant slide with Barrett.

Barrett liked the whole carnival, but there was a clear favorite ride that he rode over and over again. If you ask him about the rodeo, he'll tell you about the best thing there...

Barrett keeps asking if we can go back to see the pink elephants. Daddy is planning on taking him this weekend, and I think I know what their first activity will be!


Laura Neal said...

I love those spinning rides, they are a blast and I laugh all the way through to get the thing to spin as fast as I can!

Chas said...

Those are great pictures!!

You know, I always loved spinning rides when I was a kid. The spinning ride you pictures was called the "tilt a whirl" at our local amusement park when I was little...loved it. At some point though, they started making me very nauseous. I can't handle the spinning rides now...even the carousel gets to me sometimes.