Thursday, September 21, 2006

Barrett Update

Barrett finally is starting to walk. He has been taking one or two steps, but not consistently. On Tuesday, which was my birthday, he started walking. He went from one or two wobbly steps to walking across the room. He is so proud of himself! I'm not sure how great of a birthday gift it is, but I was so excited for him. He still tends to use crawling as his main transportation, but he likes his walking too.

I've tried to capture the Frankenstein like walking on film, but it's not easy when he is walking right to me. Here is the best shot I've gotten.

Barrett also loves to go outside. He is definitely his father's son. The other day we had been playing almost all day inside, and I guess he decided it was time to get out. He took a box that was in the living room and pushed it to the door, and then he made his attempt.

After he saw the flash, he knew he was busted!

I guess I need to buy the anti-kid door knob things...


Karen said...

Big week for you! Congrats on the boy--Barrett will be a great big brother. He'll be running faster than he's been crawling, so you're in trouble. :)

Happy belated birthday!

Queenbee said...

You are in sooooo much trouble!