Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reading with Daddy?

My favorite thing lately is watching Barrett with Doug. He is definitely a Daddy's boy, but it is the changes in Doug that I love the most.

At night, when he thinks I'm not paying attention, Doug sits with Barrett in the glider and reads books to him. It is so fun to listen to Doug read in different voices and ask Barrett questions about what they see. I actually like it so much that sometimes I tell Doug I need to go to sleep early, so I can sit in bed and listen to him read through the baby monitor.

This may not be a major thing for a lot of you mommies out there, but anyone who knows Doug will understand why it is a something I wouldn't expect.

In other Barrett happenings, he still LOVES Mater. He wakes up in the morning looking for him.

He also loves the Wiggles still. He will grab the remote and say, "Wee wee," and if we don't quickly turn it on, he gets mad!

This afternoon, we were all lazy watching football. Doug started playing with Barrett's hair as he commented that he needs a haircut. Needless to say boredom took over, and Barrett was sporting a new do in no time.

It's funny now, but when he's fifteen I'll die if he does this! :)

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Karen said...

Ahhh, that is too funny! I know what you mean about sweet daddy things. Jenna's not old enough to pay attention to books yet, but it's still sweet on the rare occasion when he reads to her.

How are you feeling?