Friday, October 06, 2006

Help Me!

Our neighbor Sydney was over today to play with Barrett, and it seemed like she was constantly yelling, "Help me!" Barrett was trying to run her over pushing Mater, and he was being quite successful. I'm sure the bruises on her legs will pop up tomorrow.

In an attempt to distract him, she had me turn on Wiggles. They danced and laughed for a while, but then Sydney made a big mistake. She sprawled out on the floor, which to Barrett means an open invitation to attack.

Her second attempt at distraction was to ask him where his nose is. He quickly stuck his finger up his nose and pulled out a booger. She laughed until he used the same booger covered finger to show her where her own nose was.

Sydney then decided that reading together on the couch would be the best, least painful option.

Barrett had her read him the same book over and over again. He would use his sign language for "more" everytime she tried to close the book. Barrett is really getting into reading books even though he doesn't have the patience to wait on all the words to be read.

After reading to him for what seemed like forever to a four year old, Sydney informed me that she was sure he was ready for a nap.

He sure loves his NeeNee as he calls her, and I love her too because she can wear him out!

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