Sunday, October 29, 2006

The First Real Haircut

Yesterday was a big day for Daddy!

Doug finally really won the battle for the official haircut.

I had really wanted to take Barrett to a place where he sat in a cool little car with all the cute little kiddo decor, but Doug insisted he go to the barber shop.

I am only going to say this once, and please don't ever tell Doug. Daddy was right. It was a great experience.

Larry, the man who cut Barrett's hair, also gave Doug his first haircut on November 18th, 1978. How do I know this? Dorothy, Doug's mom, kept the best baby book ever, so I know EVERYTHING about Doug's childhood. (That is a whole other blog I could write.)

Larry had cut Doug's hair earlier in the week, and he knew we were coming. He was so sweet to Barrett, and he was excited because Barrett was the 5th generation that Larry had given haircuts to. It's hard to compare the experience at Kids Cuts to that!

Barrett was great for most of the haircut.

He got a little irritated after a while, but he never screamed, cried, or tried to get away. Larry solved all the squirming issues with a lollipop.

After it was all finished, Larry gave Barrett a certificate that said he was officially out of babyhood.

(sidenote: The certificate had a copyright of 1972 which means Doug should of had one, BUT it is not in his baby book! So, I will actually have one thing for Barrett that Dorothy didn't keep! :) Although, either Allen had taken Doug and threw it out or Dorothy will read this, dig through filing cabinets, and deliver it to me in the next few days.)

He looks like such a big boy with his new haircut!


Anonymous said...

He looks so cute!!! That is really awesome to get a haircut with that kind of tradition to it!


Ray said...

That's probably the same haircut that he gave Doug and I when we were little. I'm sure it meant a lot to Larry to be the one to do it too!