Thursday, October 26, 2006

Please Let the Weather Man Be Right!

I love cold fronts!

I love when the weather starts getting cold for so many reasons.

When it gets cold, I know Christmas is getting closer, I have so much more energy, I don't have to change twice a day because I got all sweaty just walking into Target, but mostly, it is because I love pajamas.

I know I can wear jammies all year, but for some reason, they are better with cold weather.

Now that I have a child, cold weather is even better.

Since we are having a cold front tonight and my house might be chilly in the morning, Barrett HAD to wear jammies tonight.

He always wears jammies, but long pants and sleeves are so much cuter. I mean, seriously, how cute is he?

He loves these new jammies because there are broom-brooms, aka cars, all over them. He kept pointing at the legs and saying, "broom, broom!" You can somewhat tell in this picture that is what he is saying.

Ok, so maybe I am getting ahead of the weather here, but I couldn't wait anymore. Don't worry, he won't melt. The AC is on in case the front doesn't happen, and we put him to bed with the fan on.

I realize this is a lot of trouble for a pair of pajamas, but he is SO cute in them. :)

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