Monday, October 09, 2006

I Need a Maid

Ok, I'm not the worst house keeper in the world, and a lot of my friends laugh when I say my house is a wreck. I realize in comparison to most the world, my house is actually really clean, but most the world didn't grow up with my mom.

Our house growing up was always spotless. I didn't even know what dust was until I went off to college, seriously, I didn't. I have no idea how my mom managed to get it all done, especially laundry.

Laundry never piled up in our hampers. It never sat in the utility room for more than a day. I'm sure my mom never had to wash a load twice (or more) because it mildewed in the washer before she got around to drying it.

Last night, I thought of my clean-crazy mom. I washed and dried something I'm sure she never did.

I was unloading a load of Barrett's stuff (yes, it has been washed twice!)including his amazing nap mat cover that ironically my mom bought for him. I noticed that on his mat was this weird clear jelly looking stuff. I was panicked that somehow I had ruined the nap mat that Barrett loves and that mom spent too much money on.

I called Doug in and he was inspecting the odd jelly that we realized was all over everything in the load. He sniffed it, mushed it, and almost tastedit before he told me to not put the nap mat in the dryer in case this jelly stuff could ruin it. I put the rest of the load in the dryer and put the nap mat over a chair in the kitchen.

As I was trying to go to sleep, I was trying to figure out what could have been in with his clothes. It's not like Barrett keeps things in his pockets, and even if he did, they are too small for this much jelly stuff. I finally gave up and went to sleep.

This morning as Doug was getting ready for work with Barrett at his feet, I went to make breakfast and unload the dryer. It was then that the great mystery was solved.

I washed and dried a diaper.

I have no idea how I put a diaper in the washer and transferred it to the dryer without noticing. Especially since I had inspected the clothes in the dryer for jelly before I ran it.

I almost didn't tell Doug because I knew he'd make fun of me. His only comment when I went to tell him was that I should use the diaper again since it's clean. I was so happy he didn't make fun of me because it was way too early to deal with it.

So, I learned that diapers make a big mess in the washer, but they have enough jelly stuff to cover everything in the washer so they obviously can absorb a ton of pee.

As Doug left this morning, Barrett was screaming for Dada to stay. Doug turned to him and said, "Don't worry Buster you'll live through the day as long as Mommy doesn't accidently put you in the washer."

So much for not being made fun of.

This never would have happened if I had a maid...

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Sunshine said...

You are not alone. I have done the same thing...except I did catch it before the dryer. It is spooky what are in diapers!