Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Partying All Night?

I have no proof of what I am about to say, but I am pretty sure Barrett snuck out last night.

I'm not sure where he went, how he got there, who was with him, or any other details, but he had to of done something.

How do I know?

1. He went to bed, without argument, at 9:30 which is somewhat early for him.

2. I heard talking in the middle of the night. I assumed it was someone outside, and I ignored it. Obviously, it was a group of Barrett's friends.

3. The real proof: It is 11:03 a.m., and Barrett is still asleep. He NEVER sleeps for 13+ hours.

So, my kid must have snuck out. When I was young, the only reason I would sleep until 11:00 is because I was out all night.

Ok, he might also be getting sick, but to be honest, I'd rather think he was out partying than think he's coming down with something.

I am going to get back to the laundry while I can...


Karen said...

Well, I hope he's not getting sick, but you crack me up!

annoy mouse aka grammar said...

like mother like son