Monday, January 09, 2006

Doug Finally Won!

Since Barrett was born, Doug has begged me to cut Barrett's hair. I refused because for some reason someone decided that the first haircut is a really big deal. Barrett's baby book even has a special page just for the big event. I have no idea why it is so important, but like all other mothers, I want to take pictures and video the entire time. I also want his first haircut to be at a ridiculously overpriced child's hair place so Barrett can sit in one of the cute car/train/horse seats.

So, every time Doug complained that he hated the section of hair Barrett had hanging down on his collar, I just changed the subject. Amazingly, this worked until recently.

When Barrett was born he had quite a bit of blond hair that stuck up all over the place, including out past his collar. Everyone commented how funny and cute it was except his conservative daddy. Then the cradle cap made something terrible happen. Barrett has lost most of his baby hair on top of his head where the cradle cap was and new blond hair is slowly growing back, but since the cradle cap was not in the back, his long hair didn't fall out. Then someone, somewhere made the comment that Doug couldn't take...

"His hair looks like a mullet!"

Doug then cut his hair. So, there are no pictures of my son's first haircut, no cute chair, no screaming and crying, just one happy dad.

Honestly it does look better. I did manage to save the hair in a baggy for his baby book. (That is another thing I REALLY don't get why it's done!) So, his daddy won this battle, but it did take him four and a half months.


QueenBee said...

Barrett is the only person I know who could make even a mullet look good.

melony said...

he is soooo cute!! enjoy him while he is little. they grow up way too fast! mel-