Monday, January 16, 2006

The Rolling Process

When I was pregnant, I was amazed at how difficult it was to roll over. I joked about it being a multi-step process to making my swollen body go from laying on my left side to my right. It was one of the little things in life that I didn't appreciate how easy it was for me. Sometimes now when I roll over at night, I giggle remembering how hard it was for me. I didn't realize that that was the second time in my life that rolling was a major ordeal, until now.

Learning to roll over is hard. Barrett has mastered it, but he still has to think about his steps. You can see him thinking as he rolls! I thought you might like a look into his latest trick.

First, he lays happily on his back lifting his feet in the air.

Next, he flings his legs to the side.

Then, he rolls all the way on his tummy. He always has an issue with the arm stuck under his body. Sometimes, he gives up and rolls back, sometimes, he figures it out.

This time he decided to try. He fussed for a while trying to yank his arm out from under him.

He was then successful! Every time he completes a roll, he'll hold his head up and you can tell he's proud of himself. (Maybe it's our cheering!)

Other news: Tooth number two on the bottom has now appeared which explains the "wonderful" mood he has been in all week.


Anonymous said...

Now if you could just get Doug to do this on command!!!!



Karen said...

That is so cute. I still can't believe he has teeth that early. I have no concept of when they do what, so you'll have to teach me. :)

WyldJoker said...

YaY!! He'll soon be crawling! They grow up SO fast! Almost too fast if you ask me.