Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cookie Dough, Rolls, & a Sweet Tooth

Everyone I talk to about the dreaded baby weight says it all comes off easily except the last 10 pounds. I was determined not to be one of those people. So, as Barrett approaches being 5 months old, I'm amazed that my obviously broken scale says I am still weighing 10 pounds extra. Because of this annoying ten pounds and the odd flab that came with it, I have recently decided to eat better and exercise more. Anyone who knows me well, knows exercise isn't high on my list, so I've focused more on the eating right.

Then tonight, I made a fatal mistake. I decided to clean out the frig. I was busily throwing out vegetables that were growing on their own, left overs that are more a science experiment than they are food, and various packages of cheese that have turned green, when I found my nemesis, Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. I had bought it to make cookies at Christmas, and I only used half of it. Being confident it had "gone bad" I held it over the trash bag, but it was just too wasteful to not check and see if it was still good. Since I have eaten probably the equivalent of a dozen or so cookies, I have to say it is still REALLY good! I'll go walking tomorrow...

Now on to today's big events.

Barrett had a HUGE day!

We started by sleeping all the way until 7:45, so mommy was in a very loving mood when Barrett woke up. When I went to change his diaper, he was screaming for his morning bottle. (He does that every day!) As he screamed, I noticed something white in his mouth. I figured it wasn't left over spit up curd because he hadn't eaten in 12 hours, so I looked closer. Barrett officially has gotten his first tooth! As soon as it is far enough in to see better, I'll try and get a picture to post.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, there's more!

We went over to Cindy's house to play, and Mary another friend from church brought her two daughters over. Her younger daughter, we'll call Izzy, is only about 5 months older than Barrett, but being the chunker he is, they weigh the same. In Tubby's defense, Izzy is small for her age.

Barrett was laying on the floor watching Izzy walk and play. (I know, she's too little to walk, and it is so fun to watch her!) Izzy then started walking and crawling on the mat thing Barrett was laying on. All of the sudden he flipped from his back to his tummy, and then from his tummy to his back. I've been saying all along that he probably could do it, but he just didn't have a reason. Now, he has a reason, and her name is Izzy. I think he was trying to show off. What a typical man! So, I think Barrett might have chosen his first little girlfriend even though she was way more interested in putting all the toys in her mouth, and he fell asleep before she left.

What a fun and eventful day! Hopefully tomorrow will be much less exciting. I'd hate for him to do too much too fast!


QueenBee said...

I think Bizzo had the hots for Barrett. I guess I missed the paragraph where talked about great I am and how much Barrett loves me. What's up with that? :)

Ray said...

The Friedel girls are going to be jealous. Hope ya'll are doing well. See you when I move back to Houston next week!

gretchen said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me about the tooth on the phone!!! I am so excited. Hopefully, he doesn't take after his cousins with their biting habit. If he does Austin is due a few nibbles!!!


karen h said...

Wow, she's twice his age! Go Barrett! :)

I will be feeling your pain soon enough...I'm alredy wondering how all this weight is going to come off, and I'm far from putting it all on!