Monday, January 23, 2006

Jumping, Teeth, and a Close Up

I have been trying to get a picture of Barrett's two teeth to post, but he has been less than cooperative. Finally tonight, I was able to capture them on film. (Please ignore the pimple Barrett has on his lip. I could say it's his Cindy Crawford mole, but that would be a lie.)

Here are a couple of pictures of him enjoying his Johnny Jump up thing. He refuses to have his hands out of it, and he likes swinging in it more than jumping. The close up was an accident. I was taking pictures and he swung right up to the camera. I think he is adjusting to the insane number of pictures I take of him.

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Karen said...

Oh, wow. I guess you had to made a decision yesterday about the teaching thing? I hope you were able to come to the right decision for you because that is TOUGH! But just remember that if you decide to do it and then regret it, you can always quit. I guess that doesn't matter now. :)