Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're Alive

Yes, I am still alive, BUT I am still not really going to blog today.

I made myself a promise that I wouldn't do anything I like to do until I got everything I need to do done. So, as soon as I complete the following things, I'll really update the blog with pictures, Barrett stories, and baby stuff.

The list:

1. finish moving the study into our bedroom

2. rearrange my closet and Doug's to hold all the stuff that was previously stored in our giant desk

3. Finish hooking up all the computer accessories on our new tiny, cheap desk

4. Finish painting the stripes in the bottom half of the baby's walls so Doug can put up the crown moulding and chair rail

5. Clean out the baby's closet (It's where EVERYTHING without a home goes!)

6. Pack for the hospital (I have 33 days, but just in case!)

7. Set up study to be a playroom and temporary bedroom for my mom when she is here to help

OK, I'm stressed just typing it all, so I better get back to the current project of striping...

I promise to update more soon assuming I don't go into early labor! :)


Anonymous said...

Nesting are we? I am so glad you blogged. Steve and I were really worried about you! Glad to hear all is well and that you are nesting! Why are you moving your study?


Anonymous said...

Ditto- Glad you have enough to keep you busy :-)

Early labor not allowed