Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow in Houston?

Yesterday afternoon, I finally felt like my head was above water!

Doug took Barrett for the morning, and I cleaned like a maniac. I felt so good about how much I accomplished, and my remaining list of things to organize and clean could easily have been finished in a hour or two.

Then, we went to pick up the baby furniture. You would think that would be a big relief having that done. Little did I know!

We managed to get the furniture in the house with Doug's dad's and a neighbor's help, and Doug and I even got it all out of the boxes. Barrett had a blast trying to help until he realized that the packaging was much cooler than the boring furniture inside.

As I was working to organize the room, Doug and Barrett made a house/maze out of the huge boxes. OK, Doug made the house and Barrett played with styrofoam packaging stuff. So, my previously spotless house now has a huge cardboard house in it complete with snow. (I'll try and get pictures of Barrett in his house later today!)

There is styrofoam EVERYWHERE! I tried to vacuum it up, but it won't work. Now, I have to pick it all up by hand... It is currently Sunday afternoon, and still there is "snow" in my house. Apparently it was quite windy in my house last night because the snow has drifted all over the house.

O-well, head back under water. Maybe I'll resurface on Tuesday while Barrett's at Mother's Day Out!

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Krista said...

Well said.