Monday, December 05, 2005

I Heart NY

I am back from an amazing weekend in NYC! I'll blog details and post pictures later, but I need to put my house back in order first. The good news is Barrett survived his weekend with Daddy with LOTS of help from Nana and Pa. Since I got in at 2 am, I haven't gotten to talk to Doug about how everything went, but from the looks of the house, I can assume a few things:

1. Barrett did eat. There are a TONS of bottles to be washed. I didn't even know we had that many bottles!

2. Barrett did sleep. His sheets REALLY need to be washed.

3. Barrett was washed. His bathroom has his tub still full of bath water, three towels on the floor (I have no idea how Doug used three towels), two washcloths on top of the toilet, and baby soap running down the side of the tub.

4. Barrett did wear different clothes. Apparently Doug just stripped him when he spit up and dropped the clothes where ever they were when Barrett spit up.

5. Barrett's diapers were changed regularly. There are diapers overflowing out of the Diaper Genie.

6. Barrett kept Daddy busy. Somehow all the household chores didn't get done. :)

My trip was a definite success for two reasons: I got away and had a blast, and Doug got to experience my life for a few days. When I asked if he had fun with Barrett, he said, "Yeah, but it did get kind of old doing the same thing ALL day long. I never had time to do what I wanted to."

Mission accomplished!


karen said...

Woo-Hoo! And you even have money to spare. :)

QueenBee said...

I'm ready for you to post about the trip. I want to be here to make sure you tell the WHOLE truth.

Kay said...

Hi Brigitte,
Dorothy gave me this address, she thought I would enjoy your humor and getting to keep up with Barrett. As usual, she was right!
Love the stories and Barrett is so precious. I love your new hobby!
Cousin Kay

QueenBee said...

bout time to update again, isn't it? :)

QueenBee said...

Since you're a little slow to update this week, I just tagged you. Read "Seven Things" at my blog for more info.