Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Teething, Toilets, & Robbing Walmart

As you can tell by the title, Barrett and I had a crazy day!

The day started earlier than usual, 4:45 to be exact. I woke up because I could hear Barrett stirring which he does throughout the night, so being the paranoid mom that I am, I was actually relaxed by the noise because I knew he was breathing. I was REALLY glad I didn't need to go check on him because with the cold front coming through last night our house was freezing! I know this because of the other 3 or more trips I made throughout the night. (It cracks me up when people say I'm lucky he sleeps through the night because I've realized I never will again!) Around 5:15, Doug apparently got tired of waiting for him to go back to sleep, and he got him out of bed. I secretly was thrilled that Daddy took care of it, or so I thought.

5:17... Daddy comes into our room with Barrett, puts Barrett in bed with us, comments Barrett is obviously having teething issues, and he goes back to sleep. By he, I mean Doug. Barrett had other plans. I decided I could distract him from his aching gums by feeding him, and since my loving husband was snoring, I figured I'd have to do it. Since a bottle takes a while for Barrett to consume, I decided to go to the bathroom first. Hence the second word in my title, toilets.

I would like to amend my list of things I am thankful for from the other day. I need to add indoor plumbing. As I staggered into the bathroom this morning, I was greeted by the FREEZING tile floor. You know where this is going, right? Because I wasn't thinking clearly, I was then greeted by an even colder toilet seat. What a crappy way to start the day, no pun intended. Because I challenged my Sunday school kids to see the blessings in their lives instead of complaining, I'd like to say I feel blessed to have a toilet inside because an outside seat this morning would have really sucked!

After getting the bottle made, I crawled back in bed with my snorting, angry baby and snoring husband. My attempt to appease Barrett worked, and he happily sucked his bottle down while his daddy got ready for work. After Doug left for work, I was sitting in bed with Barrett trying to convince him to go to sleep, when I noticed that my nativity scene was the only thing I could see in the house because of the one light Doug left on in the living room. It was one of those moments I wish I could film and watch over and over again. I had a very relaxing conversation with God, and I didn't even notice Barrett had passed out. :) My day was getting better!

Wondering where robbing Walmart fits in?

Yes, I robbed Walmart today.

I went to buy three things: Grandpa's Christmas gift, diapers, and formula. I collected all three and went to one of the self check aisles because Barrett was not in the mood for a line. I scanned all three items while listening to Barrett scream. I was trying to dig out my $10 similac coupon while soothing Barrett. I pulled out a wad of coupons, scanned the similac one, dropped it in the "deposit coupons here" spot, crammed the other coupons in my bag, grabbed my stuff, and rolled frantically out of Walmart.

When I got home, I unloaded everything, cleaned the spit up out of Barrett's seat, changed Barrett's diaper, and emptied his diaper bag of dirty bottles. It was then that I noticed my crime... There in the bottom of his bag was the $10 coupon. Oops.

Back to Walmart. Apparently there are a lot of people who scan coupons and don't put them in the little box, at least that's what Velma the "manager on duty" says. (By the way, a red vest means manager if you ever need one.) And, they do press charges, it is considered theft. We went to the box where I deposited something and Velma opened it up. There was a coupon for $1 off Milicon with my name printed on it. I'd make a bad thief. I was thanked for my honesty, but I was happier that I wasn't punished for my stupidity.

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving that wouldn't upload the other day.

My nephew, AJ, loves money. He found this in Uncle Doug's truck. He was actually more excited about the quarter he found.

All my other nephew, T-man, wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.

Barrett loved seeing so much of his family on Thanksgiving, especially his Uncle Ray!

Barrett is in bed asleep now, so I better sleep while I can. Tomorrow we go to take his Christmas pictures. Wish me luck!


QueenBee said...

ha ha ha....that's too funny...i hate cold toilet seats. Barrett will be fine tomorrow, we'll find a way to make him laugh.

QueenBee said...

where's the link for baby Barrett pics?