Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dorothy, The Mother-in-Law

While most people dread their in-laws, I lucked out with amazing ones. Dorothy, Nana to Barrett, is not only Doug's mom, but she's also one of my closest friends. With that being said, making fun of her is done with nothing but love.

Dorothy is anything but computer savvy, but she has managed to find her way to my blog. What she didn't understand how to do is leave her own comment. So, for her sake, as well as the other grandparent people, here are some directions:

1. Look at the bottom of this post for the word comments.

2. Click on it.
3. Scroll down past any comments that might already be there, and you will see a box that says, "Leave your comments".
4. Leave your comments.
5. Scroll down more, and type your name.
6. Click publish your comment.

Since I am picking on Dorothy today, let me show you a photo of her and Barrett when he was in the hospital. Notice his foot where she bundled him.

Ok, in her defense, that is really his hand. We didn't have any little gloves, so we used a sock. But the image that this first time grandma mangled her new grandson is pretty funny!

Coming soon... how his Gigi (the other grandma) thought he crawled out of bed at 8 days old...


Kelly S. said...

hahahaha! wow, that's quite a flexible son you've got there! and just tell her the making-fun-of is a sure sign that you're family now, since that's how you treat ALL your relatives. ;-)


curious servant said...

Bull, er Barrett, has a beautiful smile!

Nana said...

Don't I have the most beautiful grandson?!

Nana said...

And a sweet daughter-in-law, even if she does pick on me.

jettybetty said...

Welcome to the blog world!
I don't think you will ever regret taking time off with your new son!
He is sooo cute!

QueenBee said...

okay, you didn't update today. What's up with that?

sster said...

I love my mother-in-law, too! She loves hers, and MY mother loves hers. I am so lucky to come from a family with such good in-law relationships. I hope I can continue the tradition. By the way--your babe is adorable. Welcome to blogging!

gretchen said...

Hey B-
I want to hear how mom lost Barrett!!