Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Would Sue Santa?

Barrett experienced another first yesterday. He had his picture taken with Santa! I did not go to the mall with the intention of having the picture taken, but seeing the Santa booth with no line was too good to pass up. While I remember waiting FOREVER in line to see Santa modifying my list the entire time, I couldn't see any reason Barrett needed to wait until after Thanksgiving.

He was somewhat happy, not covered in spit up and/or drool , and he had socks on. So, he was ready to have his photo taken! Those may not seem like abnormal occurrences to you, but trust me, it's amazing they all happened at the same time. He's not always real happy right now due to the teeth that apparently trying to rip their way through his gums which also causes the drool pool on his shirts and mine. He also hadn't spit up yet on the clothes HE was wearing (don't ask about my shirt!). I had the other, cuter clothes covered in rancid soy milk in the diaper bag. The final requirement, socks, involves his Nana. If I had his Christmas picture taken without socks, I would just be setting myself up for her concern about his freezing feet. After all, it was a frigid 80 degrees!

We walked straight up to Santa, and Barrett went to him with no complaints. Getting Barrett to look towards the camera and smile was not so easy. As all four of the elves danced around like idiots, Barrett just looked constipated. I then started to sing Mr. Sandman, and as I expected, he smiled. Unfortunately, it threw Santa off, and he looked at me instead of the camera. To be honest, everyone looked at me, along with the passing shoppers, but who cares I got the picture! So, I had to choose between constipated Barrett with Santa looking at the camera, or cute and chubby Barrett with wandering-eyes Santa. It was not a hard choice.

After the chaos ended, Santa handed me the traditional candy cane. While I picked the package of pictures I wanted, I unwrapped the candy cane. (It's not like Barrett can have it!) I bit into the candy cane and was shocked. It had no crunch to it. If I am paying an arm and a leg for Santa pictures, the least they can do is give me a fresh candy cane! So, I did what any woman who already made a fool of herself would do, I asked for another candy cane because mine was apparently stale. It was then that I heard something that actually made me sad to be an American...

They are now giving out these weird softer candy canes because of a lawsuit. Yes, someone sued Santa for giving crunchy candy canes! I see people so often forgetting what CHRISTmas is all about, and someone suing Santa is a great example.

I promise if Barrett should ever break his tooth on candy that I allow him to eat, I will explain to him that sometimes bad things happen that are no one's fault. I will not teach him it is an opportunity for money.

Merry Early CHRISTmas!


Katie said...

Well you had a big day today! That was funny with candycane that you ate! Well Barrett looks so cute! Well I guess that I will talk to you later! Lots of Love!

Katie said...

Hey Mrs.Schmidt,
Well Madison and I just read your entry and we thought that it was very funny~! We miss you a lot~! Are you going to teach at Waller ever again~!?! If you do can you teach us~! Well hope that your day has been good~! Talk to you later~!
Kaitlyn and Madison

onemotherslove said...

I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I love this story about you singing Mr Sandman! My 18 mo old is now only smiling at coughing. Picture another young mother having an intentional coughing fit in the Sears Portrait Studio, with another photographer wondering what's wrong with me... and missing the best photos! Anyway, enjoyed your blog. My blogs aren't public, but you can see my boy at if you're so inclined.