Saturday, December 24, 2005

Two Down, Four to Go!

Barrett survived yet another Christmas celebration.

We had Christmas with part of Doug's extended family yesterday. We had a wonderful time, and Barrett was pretty much perfect all day. Everyone helped take care of him, but Doug's Aunt Cindy definitely dominated his time. She was determined to put Barrett to sleep even if he had just woken up. Apparently she feels putting baby's to sleep is her gift. Unfortunately for her, Barrett had other plans.

One of the highlights of the day was our cousin Kelli's little girl. She LOVED holding Barrett because she is really in to dolls. She held him a long time, and gave him back when he whined a bunch. As she walked away she shook her head and said, "That baby is wearing me out!" I almost yelled Amen, but I doubt she'd have gotten it. Later one of her presents was a baby doll that cried. No one really knew what you were supposed to do to stop it, so finally she had her daddy take the batteries out. I wish I had known the battery trick when Barrett went through his colic phase.

We are headed to family party number three tonight. Barrett gets to meet Matthew, Doug's cousin, for the first time tonight. He's such a character. I just love a guy who wore pearl snaps when they weren't cool, then when they were cool, and still now when they are uncool again. He's by far one of my favorite people, and I know he'll be one of Barrett's favorites too.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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