Thursday, May 18, 2006

Home Remedy

Ok, everyone I talk to seems to have a solution for the teething issue. I would try most of them, but telling me to get my kid drunk or give him "a little" vicadin, just doesn't seem right.

I decided to create my own home remedy, animal cookies.

Barrett was really unpleasant, so I put him in his high chair with the intention of soothing the pain by feeding him ice cold applesauce. He didn't think that was a good plan. So, while I cleaned the applesauce off the floor, I stuck a cookie on his tray.

Suddenly, I realized that the crying and screaming stopped.

He was having so much fun eating a whole cookie. (I usually break it in pieces for him.)

So, while I don't have a true remedy for his pain, I do for mine! Distract him with cookies!

*** I have realized something today. In a few years when Barrett is whining and complaining about his loose tooth, I will take deep satisfaction in ripping it out. Something about knowing I can get even with this tooth someday is very comforting...


Anonymous said...
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onemotherslove said...

Gerber makes Biter Biscuits that they like to chew on, but they're VERY messy! They dissolve as they're chewing. We LOVE Hyland's Teething Tablets. (They're at Wal-Mart by the vitamins & supplements) They're homeopathic, 100% natural, and a lot easier to give than oragel. (I tried that once & just smeared it all over the place.) Just stick a few tablets in their mouth, it dissolves & crying stops (usually). They're sweetened with lactose, so it won't take long before they learn to put them in their mouths themselves! (Mine would probably choose a teething tablet over an M&M!) I taught my son sign language for "medicine teeth" with them & even now if he has any mouth pain, he'll ask for it.

Karen said...

Wow, I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. Doesn't sound very pleasant. But I'm glad you found a solution.

And that's awesome about your new car! I know you've been wanting one!