Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Too Much Information

Every day when I take my shower, Barrett plays with the assortment of toys that we keep in the bathroom for him. By the time I am showered, there are plastic toys all over the place. As he has gotten more mobile, my shower preparation time has seriously increased.

I have to close all the doors to the closets, our room, and the toilet, put the trash can and scale on the counter, wipe down the tile floor with a clorox wipe, and check the rugs for anything Barrett could eat. ( I wouldn't have to clean the floor everyday, but since I lost NO hair while I was pregnant, you could make a wig out of my sheddage now.)

Things have been going smoothly, and up until last night, I thought I was a pretty good mom at keeping him safe while I showered.

As we were getting ready for his bath last night, I was taking off his diaper in his bathroom. It took only a split second to realize that I needed some wipes, so I yelled for daddy to bring some to us. As I was wiping his hiney, there was something weird about his poop. I had to look a little closer before I could tell what was in it.

There in the middle of his sweet potato-applesauce poop was a long string of dental floss. Oops. Apparently, I don't clean the floor well enough.

I could feel guilty and wonder what else is in this kid, but it was too funny. Doug was convinced that the floss somehow got in his diaper, but it was way too entwined in the poop for that. Besides, even though I am a little obsessive about my flossing, I don't floss while I change diapers.

So, I could clean my bathroom even more and check every spot for potential white floss that misses the trash and camouflages on my white tile floors or I could be lazier...

I have added green dental floss to the grocery list.

But, I do have to say I am a little proud of my boy! After all, he's already flossing with only two teeth!

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So glad this blog didn't have pictures!