Friday, May 05, 2006

His First Word!

Barrett has officially spoken his first word!

He's said lots of mama's, dada's, and no no's, but he never said them in context. Usually he was either mumbling or repeating our constant coaching.

So, with all of our coaching, I know you're wondering who won this momentous achievement...

Nobody won.

My son's first word used as it is intended...


Yes, you read that correctly. Barrett has mastered saying uh-oh. He's been saying it for a few days repeating us, but tonight at dinnner as he threw multiple things from the highchair, he would look at whatever object went flying to the floor and say, "Uh-oh".

I wish I could type how he says it. He says the "uh" part and then he takes a long pause and then says, "oh". The "oh" sounds like a sweet little sigh. I think the pause is him trying to reshape his mouth for the "oh" sound. You can actually see him manuevering his mouth for the next sound. It is so cute.

Doug and I were laughing so hard, and we kept giving him things to drop. I realize I am teaching a bad habit, but I can worry about that tomorrow.

My only concern now is where we go from here. What should I expect from a boy whose first word is uh-oh??

***For those of you now saying that "uh-oh" is not a real word, here is the Webster's on-line dictionary definition:

Main Entry: uh-oh
Pronunciation: '&-"O, usually with strong glottal stops before the vowels
Function: interjection-- used to indicate dismay or concern

Granted, bling-bling is in there too, and I refuse to consider that a real word.

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