Thursday, August 31, 2006

Splashing with Sydney

Yesterday was such a nice day here. Even though the high was in the 90s, there was no humidity, so we spent a lot of the day outside. Once Sydney got home from school, she and Barrett played in the front yard in his pool while the mommies layed in the shade and enjoyed the nice weather.

At first Barrett wasn't thrilled, but once Sydney reminded him how to splash, he had a ball attacking her.

Barrett lasted a lot longer that I thought he would, and he definitely had a good time.

When they finished in the water they joined us in the mat in the shade for a snack. We had fun playing with Barrett's hair. It's amazing what you can make it do when it is wet.

I just can't see why Doug keeps insisting he needs a haircut. What would I do to amuse myself after every bathtime?


Queenbee said...

I think you should fix his hair this way for his one year pics....

Anonymous said...

Who's this girl you're with? I thought you said you were at school??