Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Did You Know?

This is an actual conversation that Barrett and I had in the car a few weeks ago. I had written it down when we go to where we were going, but I forgot to blog about it until I was cleaning out the car yesterday and found it.

Basically, Barrett did ALL the talking.

"Mom, did you know I have shoes on?"

"Mom, did you know that boogers are sticky?"

"Mom, did you know that I am going to Miss Leslie's and Miss Diana's class today, and did you know that today is Tuesday so I see Miss Barb sing too, did you know that?"

"Did you know that I have 5 fingers. Did you know that?

"Did you know that there is a big truck over there? Did you know that it has a little door on the back big door? Did you know that means it has cold stuff inside?"

"Mom, did you know that Taco Cabana has red chips. Did you know that is so silly? Did you know that?"

"Did you know Fisher is playing with is milk? Did you know that?"

"Mom, did you know that Jesus loves me? Did you know if I am sick, he can make me all better?"

"Did you know there is a bird up there? Did you know?"

"Did you know I can spell my name, B-A-R-T-T, Bart? Did you know that?"

Ugh, after a few more, I finally said, "Barrett, did you know that you say, 'did you know,' about a million times?"


Ahh, sweet silence. Seriously, there was silence for a good minute or two.

"Mom, what's a million?"

"That is a really big number. Way bigger than 10."

"Oh, thanks."

Silence again for about 20 seconds.

"Mom, did you know that a million is a REALLY big number? Did you know that?"


Jami said...

You have once again given me a moment of smiling, and laughing, and enjoying sharing small snippets of your life, and your precious boys. Thank you Brigitte for being able to put into words such wonderful moments.

Chas said...

Hehe...he always cracks me up!

Kris said...

That is just awesome. Dads wonder why we want to go to the store ALONE!!!!!!

karen said...

That's awesome. I'll enjoy the incomprehensive chatter while it lasts. :)