Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Pictures?

Every year, I take a Valentine's picture to send out cards to all the people we love.

I was discussing with Barrett what he thought we should do this year because I couldn't find any cute Valentine's shirts. I joked that I could dress him as cupid, and he looked a little irritated or it might have been confusion. I then said that Fisher could be cupid because he loves to shoot. I thought I was so funny, and then all of the sudden, Barrett got all excited and yelled, "Yeah, he can be Cupid and I'll be Donner!"

I never thought of that. Who is the goof that named a reindeer Cupid?

Anyway, back to the pictures.

Unfortunately, this year it hasn't happened.

I had great intentions. The clothes were bought, and the set up idea was done, but my three year old just didn't cooperate.

Barrett literally made it impossible. He never cooperated. He didn't even cooperate enough to get a picture of him anywhere near the red bucket we use every year.

The day we stopped and bought the adorable Valentine's cupcakes that were going to be a part of our photo shoot, Barrett grabbed the bag, swung it around, and slammed it into the side of the cart. I'm a fan of logical consequences, so Fisher and I ate all the destroyed cupcakes in one sitting while Barrett did not get any.

I still plan on getting photos, and I guess I will be posting a late Happy Valentine's on line.

I hope everyone has a great Love Day!

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