Sunday, July 16, 2006


Barrett's vocabulary is growing like crazy. Since his first saying, "uh-oh", we have loved hearing what would come next.

He says Dada when Doug walks in the room. He very clearly says, "Ducky", when he plays with his many rubber duckies. When he wants a cookie, he says it loud and clear. He point to his bottle and say baba. He's said Gigi, which sounded like Zizi, to my mom. He points to a cow in our kitchen and moos. Actually, he points to almost every animal and moos. When you ask what a piggy says, he snorts.

He's mastered quite a few words, but there is the most important one he has yet to master, Mama. I'm not picky, I'd take mama, mommy, mom, love of my life... but he calls me the one thing that I wish he wouldn't...


My son calls me by my first name. When I left the other day, he said Brigitte while I was gone. When I went to get him out of bed the other day after a nap, he grinned and said, "Brigitte."

He can say Mama, but it is not in reference to me. It usually comes out when he's just playing and talking to himself.

I try to correct him. If he calls me Brigitte, I point to myself and say, "Mama," but he just giggles and says, "Brigitte."

Honestly, I think he knows that it irritates me. If he already gets a kick out of picking on me, I am in for a LONG life!


Karen said...

That's hilarious. Sorry--I know you want him to call you Mama, but that's too hard not to laugh at. He'll call you mama soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Could not be laughing louder!!!!!!

I am over the top happy that Barrett is paying you back for all the years I was not called Dad or Daddy (unless you needed cash) - Or maybe he calls you Brigitte because you pulled some airhead stunt - as I often do when you call me Dana :-)

Your loving Dana


Karen said...

Your fans want more Barrett! Any more words?

Mary Boston said...

I just found your site via "new hale on the way". what a cute boy you have!

that is so funny....I thought that kids usually waited until the teenage years to start referring to their parents by their first names. What an advanced little tyke!