Monday, July 03, 2006

Our Trip, Part 2

Ok, so this is a very delayed account of our trip, but things have been a little crazy since we got home. I left off with Friday of our trip, so here is the rest.

Saturday, the 23rd

All day we were lazy around the house. We ventured out a little for a brief walk, but that was it. Luckily, the altitude still hasn't affected Barrett or me.


Barrett didn't sleep too much Saturday night, so Mommy was exhausted. Gigi took him out on the side porch in the morning to play. Barrett had lots of fun with the hose. You wouldn't believe how filthy his Gigi let him get.

We went to town to walk around and go in the stores. Barrett really enjoyed being out in the cool weather, but he mostly enjoyed pointing at all the dogs. We stopped by the river that runs through town to listen to a man playing some instrument that was really odd, but Barrett seemed to love it. I think Barrett is definitely a fan of the nice weather.


We went to lunch with a friend, Suzanna, in Breckenridge. She has two daughters, and they are adorable. Barrett was really good through the whole meal. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were eating outside surrounded by tons of bright flowers or that he was busy flirting. Since mom plays golf with Suzanna, mom dressed Barrett up in the new outfit she bought him.

After lunch, we went to the outlet malls in Silverthorne. All I bought was a couple of shirts for Barrett and a chocolate covered pretzel for me.

Later that evening after dinner, Gigi was doing dishes. Barrett decided he would help her.

Now, I can't even open the dishwasher without him cruising to climb in it. Thanks, Gigi!


This was by far the best day of our vacation. We went over to Vail to walk around. Barrett was perfect the entire day. He LOVED the streams and all the bright flowers.

We even played at an amazing park they built for the kids. I know he'll really love it when he's bigger. To be honest, I'll love it too. I really wanted to play on everything, but I didn't have a big enough kid to pretend I was watching.


We really just hung around for the morning before heading to Denver to fly home. Barrett had lots of fun at Gigi's house. I think he had more fun playing in her house than he did seeing mountains, streams, and flowers. His favorites at Gigi's were:

Her beanie baby ark

He really liked the ark when he was in it...

He loved the stairs. The first time he saw stairs, he crawled straight up them without hesitating. He never even attempted to go down them. I guess he knew that it wouldn't be fun to fall down.

Gigi also has a shelf that he fit into perfectly. The funniest part about this is that Mom's dog, Einstein, used to love to lay on the same shelf when he was a puppy.

Overall, we did have a great time even though we were sick the majority of the trip.

The flight home was perfect. Barrett was an angel, and he slept most of the flight. When he was awake, he played peek-a-boo with the lady sitting in our aisle. It took her a while to realize she was playing, but he was having a ball.


Karen said...

I love that mall in Silverthorne! We went there once.

Thanks for your comment. About the bikini--I didn't have any other swimsuits that fit! The tankini was too tight & uncomfortable to be sitting around in all day. I kept my shorts on the whole time and the shirt was on immediately before & immediately after I was in the water. :) I've still got a loooong way to go.

Anonymous said...

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