Saturday, September 06, 2008

Barrett's 3rd Birthday Party (2 weeks ago...)

Barrett had to have his birthday party at the gymnastics place. He had no second choice, so Barrett had his first "kid party" this year.

He was so lucky to have so many friends come to his party. He was so excited the night before that he didn't sleep.

He normally naps at 1:00. The party was at 2:00. Do you see where this is going?

No sleep the night before + no nap = grumpy birthday boy

Actually, he was happy for about the first half of the party. He just loves jumping into the foam pits!

Fisher had a ball too. He loved to hang from the bars.

Once we rotated to the mountain room, the kids really went wild. I didn't get many picture because I was trying to keep up with Fisher. He was a crazy little guy.

Barrett didn't play on the mountain much. He just wanted to jump on trampolines with one of his school friends, Chloe.

At our third rotation, Barrett was done. Coach Eddie tried to cheer him up, but he was too tired.

After we made it through all the rotations, we went to the party room for cake and drinks. My friend, Michelle, made Barrett's fishing themed cake and not only was it cute it was REALLY good.

Here is a picture of the table decorations. (I know no one cares, I just want it somewhere because I had to hunt down those giant fish!)

Somehow, Barrett perked up after a capri sun, and he was excited to have everyone sing to him!
After eating, we opted to keep playing instead of opening gifts. I think the only disappointed people were Barrett and one of the Daddies.

We'll call this Daddy the Pister. Barrett got a little confused because sometimes we call him Mister and sometimes we call him Pastor because he's one of our Pastors, and he called him Pister once. It cracked me up.

Pister is a great guy who my son has an interesting love/hate thing with. Barrett loves his daughter, and Pister hates that...

Pister was really excited about Barrett's gift because it was "a message".

As soon as we got home, Barrett was ready to open his gifts. I can't lie, Doug and I were both curious about Pister's gift.

When he got to the bag from Pister's daughter, we had NO idea what to expect.

Barrett dug into the bag, screamed, and pulled out his hand with a bloody finger.

What kind of message is that?

It turns out there was a battery package inside that he cut his hand on. So, those of you that go to my church, no, Pister did not purposely harm my kid.

Once we bandaided the finger (conveniently, he had just opened some Curious George bandaids from Nana), he came back to the package.

Then, he pulled out this...

Apparently, Pister is serious in his constant threats that he is watching Barrett.

Unfortunately for Pister, Doug and I both quickly thought that in high school, that will come in handy when he is sneaking to her window to profess his love. :)

I think the cut finger was more of a message than anything. Poor kid... all he did was fall in love.

There were two clear favorites among the gifts.

Again, Steve, Christi and Mary found him something he loves. He was so excited, he hugged the gift.

Then, the last gift he opened has been played with by all three boys nonstop since we got it.

If you are having problems with imaginary deer, hogs, and coyotes roaming your house, let me know. Fisher and Barrett get 'em every time.

Thank you to everyone who made Barrett's day special!

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Kris said...

Such a big boy and way cool toys!!! I love the cake too cute!

**Thanks for checking in on little man and yes if Fisher and Caden ever manage to team up watch out! Caden can distract while Fisher makes off with the goods!