Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cool Days

The boys started mother's day out last Wednesday. Barrett was so excited to be going back to "old school days" as he calls it.

Fisher didn't really know what the big deal was, but he was excited because Barrett was.

I tried to get a good first day picture at home, but it didn't go to well.

I also tried outside the house, outside at school, and again inside at school. Fisher was a little tired of it.

I finally managed to get a decent picture although the boys wouldn't stand together and Fisher is sporting his "pretty" smile.

Once it was time for Barrett to go into class, I told him to tell Fisher good luck on his first day. He was so sweet telling him good luck, and he even added his own I love you. Then, to make it all better, he asked Fisher for a kiss.

They both had a fantastic week. Fisher even asked for "cool" when he got up on Saturday. When we didn't get dressed to go, he brought me his shoes and socks and was saying, "go, go, cool."

I love that my kids love school because I sure love when they go!

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Jodie said...

Oh, those are the greatest! I love Fisher's new smile! LOL. Such handsome boys!