Friday, November 14, 2008

The Barrett Version

There are so many different versions of the Bible, and I typically will have at least two versions of it with me when I am doing a study. I like that when something is unclear in one version, it might make more sense from a different one.

With that being said, I never expect the story to change, but Barrett seems to have found his own version of the Bible.

Here is a conversation Doug and I had with him a few weeks ago:

We were driving, and Doug asked Barrett what he learned at school that day. Barrett proudly said, "I learned about Goliath, he was a GIANT!"

So, Doug asked the obvious question, "What did you learn about Goliath?"

"He was really big and mean, and Jesus shot him."

As Doug and I tried not to laugh, Doug then asked him, "How did Jesus shoot him?"

Barrett quickly replied with an air of confidence that suggested we weren't very smart, "With a bird gun."

We asked him if there was a man named David in the story too, and it's like a little light went off in his head. I breathed a sigh of relief and waited for him to now give me the story as it is in all of my Bibles, but here is what we got.

The Barrett Version of David versus Goliath

Goliath was a big, mean giant. Jesus used his bird gun to shoot a bird off of Goliath's head, and then David threw a rock at him and killed him.

His teachers claim this isn't what they taught him. :)

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Laura Neal said...

How funny!