Friday, November 07, 2008

My Week in a Glance

On the 29th, Doug left for Colorado to go hunting. So, keep in mind, all the following happened with NO spouse. (In his defense, I am fine that he went. It's really the only thing he looks forward to.)


My first official day as the nursery director.

Oh, I might not have mentioned that I changed jobs. It's not really a promotion or demotion, just motion. I am super thrilled because I love our nursery staff, the nursery building, and the giant private office I get. ;)

With the time change to help me out, I made it to church early with both kids. Everything went amazingly smooth until the 3rd service hour. I fed a 13 month old a graham cracker who apparently has never had any kind of food. The dad was cool, the mom seemed upset. Luckily, the mom returned later and wasn't upset anymore. Note to all parents: tell people if your kid can't eat things. I went to the baby room after that because it's my happy place. I was puked on by a not-so-happy baby.

Overall, it was a great first day, puked on clothes and all.

Later on Sunday, Nana babysat so I could pick up my mom from the airport. I love the grandmas!


I had a meeting at church, and then I went to lunch with friends. After school was over for the boys, mom and I played with them then we went out to dinner. It was a great day!


The result of Barrett's ENT appointment that I demanded was surgery. In fact, he was so bad off that the surgery was scheduled as soon as possible. So, a babysitter appeared at 6:30 am (thanks Sarah!), and the grandmas, Barrett and I headed to Texas Children's for him to have tubes put in and his tonsils and adenoids removed.

Thank God I went to Texas Children's. The day sucked, but the staff there was great with Barrett and his nervous mommy.

Barrett was a trooper. He put on his cool doctor jammies they gave him. He didn't want to tag on his leg, but he eventually gave in when they explained that's how they make sure he goes home with his mommy. Even Peanut went with him and got a tag that matched Barrett's.

** Barrett is still wearing his tag. I tried to take it off to keep it, but he said that if he takes it off, he might lose me. I think the nurse might have done too good of a job explaining why he had to wear it and leave it on. I don't know how he'll react when it comes off.

When it was time for surgery, he picked bubble gum to smell in the mask, got into a wagon with Peanut, and waved with a big smile as he rolled away. Honestly, it broke my heart to see him go into surgery when he was in such a good mood.

After the 30 minute surgery, I went back to recovery. It was HORRIBLE to see him unconscious with wires everywhere, a tube in his mouth and a mask on. I was so upset, and then his doctor said," Everything went well, but does this look familiar?" He was holding a plastic container with a green bead in it. Apparently, it was in Barrett's ear. It wasn't there when we visited his office two weeks earlier. The doctor said it isn't that uncommon for kids with really bad ear pain to try and relieve the pressure by sticking things in their ear. I was just glad to have a little comic relief.

When he woke up, he freaked out. He was screaming and crying. We put him in my lap, and he fell back asleep. When he woke up the second time, it was worse. He screamed and tried to pull out the IV in his hand. They put some really good drugs in his IV, and he went back to sleep. While he was asleep, his oxygen level would go to low, and the nurse would come over and shake him and hit him to breath. After a few rounds of that, I would hit him when I saw the level drop. I was not thrilled with having to smack my kid so he would breath. When he woke up for the third time, he was still unhappy, but it wasn't nearly as bad. He drank some apple juice, and they moved us to the "almost ready to go home" area.

We just got settled in the area, and he puked. I mean PUKED. All over me and all over a nurse. It was gross.

After cleaning him and moving him to Nana's lap, I went to clean up and take a much needed mental break.

He slept for another hour or so, and when he woke up, it was great. He ate two popsicles, and sang "Hey Good Lookin'" to the nurses. We went home shortly after that.

Night one at home was not easy. He slept ok. I stared at him all night.


This day sucked. He was miserable. I was tired. It just wasn't good. I was thankful for codeine and Fisher having school. The night was awful. He didn't sleep. I didn't sleep.


Barrett and I were up early. He was grumpy. Fisher slept late, yeah! When Fisher woke up, we discover he puked in his bed, boo! Fisher can't go to school. Gigi, Barrett, and I are tired. Fisher is full speed. Gigi and Fisher go shopping, and Barrett whines. Late in the day, both boys are better. Both boys actually eat some dinner. Fisher then has a nasty poop, but Barrett is in a great mood. The night goes a lot better. Barrett still wakes up for water every hour, but he's not screaming at me.


Fisher again wakes up with puke in his bed. He does not go to school. Barrett wakes up in a great mood. Barrett and I go to see his first movie, Madagascar 2, while Gigi and Fisher hang out at home. Barrett loves it. He is amazed by the giant tv. He only asks me to pause it once so he can go potty. While attempting to explain that I cannot pause a movie, he tells me to be quiet because he is missing the movie. I guess he forgot about the potty.

We are now home and Fisher is not napping in his bed and Barrett is not napping on the couch while Gigi runs to the outlet mall to shop.

I am officially exhausted. I know I told Doug that it was fine to go hunting, but he is still going to owe me big for this one. I really hope he's had fun because when he gets home on Sunday, it's all downhill for him! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a week. I am glad Barrett is getting better. Next time, well hopefully there isn't a next time, but if there is please don't hesitate to call us.

Christi and Steve

Kris said...

I am so sorry! That really sucks! Jake had surgery at TCH once and when they dragged him off in the wagon and he was happy I lost it! I can relate on so many levels and will be calling for tips when Jake gets his tonsils out in a few weeks! I pray everyone is better today!

Traci said...

Brig - What a week. I am so glad to hear that Barrett is ok. I am also glad that Peanut was there for him:)